Fernando Alonso To Return To F1


Fernando Alonso To Return To F1

We’ve been hearing about Fernando Alonso returning to Formula 1 since last year but the rumours have always died down, especially after the partnership between him and McLaren broke down however this looks like a rumour which isn’t going anywhere – with Renault set to confirm the news.

Since his departure in 2018, there has always been talk of the Spaniard returning to the sport and since we got the news about Ricciardo making a move to McLaren, there was plenty of talk surrounding Esteban Ocon’s new team-mate.

Further to this, last week, Ocon revealed in an interview that he would “love” Alonso as his team-mate, fuelling the rumours yet again.

Fernando Alonso is a two-time World Champion and is still considered to be one of the best drivers out there – with respect not only from fans but drivers within the sport too.

According to sources, it’s expected that Renault could be making the announcement today (Wednesday) or within the next few days….

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