Formula 1: First Day Final Pre-Testing

Formula 1: First Day Final Pre-Testing (Roundup)

We know that Mercedes have been on “top-form” however let’s go through a little round-up to the first day of the final pre-testing before the 2016 kicks-off in Melbourne! 

At the moment, Mercedes do have the pace but do they have the reliability? That’s something that we’re still waiting to find out but overall they are proving to still be the strongest team of the pack.

Williams driver Bottas managed to bring home 123 laps today showing similar times to how we left things in Abu Dhabi for the 2015 season – Mercedes first, Ferrari second and then followed by Williams in third. After a few issues the team have said that they ‘sorted the reliability issues‘ making the first pre-testing day decent. 

I’m actually a little bit disappointed with Ferrari as I don’t think they’re showing us their “true colours” yet with Kimi Raikkonen only managing P4 with reliability issues (car stuck in 8th gear). We won’t really know of their “real power” until Melbourne Qualifying. They’ve also been testing a new wing which should provide some improvement. 

Sauber had their first track launch today with Felipe Nasr on the track however as they’re so late to pre-testing this car that they’re currently using won’t be the same car that we’ll see in Melbourne! 

Renault had something to smile about today too – Magnussen bringing home 119 laps.

After a few struggles and with Alonso stopping on-track due to a “control electronics failure” and “Telemetry Failure” the team managed to go through race-simulation with Alonso qualifying in P3 setting a time of 1.247.  Even though things don’t look great, I wouldn’t be dis-heartened as McLaren are getting the speed and picking up. 

Think about it – the team from last year was already working on the 2016 car (they gave up halfway through the season) so things should be looking better for McLaren, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso on a whole! 

I love everything about Formula 1, it’s an exciting sport and pre-testing always makes you want to see more – we won’t really know any of the cars’ true speeds until Melbourne Qualifying but tomorrow there’ll be another round-up from the second day of the final pre-testing!

The Formula 1 Girl