Formula 1: “Embarrassing” Qualifying Format to Change after Australian Grand Prix

Formula 1: New Qualifying Set To Change After Australian Grand Prix 

Yes – you will have watched, read or heard about the new qualifying format which is now ‘set to change’ after the Australian Grand Prix with commentators calling it ‘Embarrassing’, ‘rubbish’ and ‘unacceptable’ for the audience at home. 

Formula 1 was in need of a change but this ‘change’ seems to be the wrong one with many drivers, commentators and even team-bosses slamming the new qualifying format. 

Even F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone admitted that the system “had not worked” and for the governing body to look at his ‘simple idea’ – “My idea is a simple one – you leave qualifying alone but I want to take the test results of the last race and whoever wins will have so many seconds, or tenths of a second added to his qualifying time” he said. 

To me this does sound like a better idea and you will get a variety of drivers in the grid without the sport getting ‘too predictable’ and as commentators were saying – with the ‘new’ qualifying format, you’re not actually paying attention to the racing but more so to the little countdown to see who’s in the knock-out zone. 

Talks are said to be taking place on Monday, after tomorrow’s first race of the season to discuss and vote about what changes will take place for qualifying before the Bahrain GP 2016. 

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