Here’s a recap of what happened during the first race of the 2016 Formula 1 Season!

The first Formula 1 race of the 2016 season started with an extra formation lap due to Daniil Kvyat’s Red Bull stopping right on the grid – frustrated the driver got out of the car assuming he couldn’t drive it only to rush back into it from the pits (didn’t join the race).

A brilliant start to the race with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen making their way past both Mercedes’ drivers into the first turn.

Rosberg dropped to third whilst his team-mate (and current world-champion) Lewis Hamilton dropped to 6th with Felipe Massa and Max Verstappen between the two!

Hamilton moves up into 5th place on lap 4, making his way past past Felipe Massa as quickly as he could.

Lap 6 – Rosberg started eyeing up second place by playing catch-up to Kimi Raikkonen by setting a fastest lap – with the assistance of DRS.  In the meantime his team-mate Hamilton was trying to catch-up to Verstappen in 4th place.

Lap 10 – Riccardo puts himself up into 7th place by overtaking Felipe Massa, a popular move for the Aussie fans.

Lewis Hamilton radioed his team saying he can’t “get past this guy (Max Verstappen)” with the team replying and telling him to “stay out as we’re extending this stint

Both Ferrari’s still out in front – leading the race.

Lap 12 – Bottas made his way past Palmer as Rosberg came into the pits for a tyre-change (great pit-time) and came out in front of Sergio Perez – only just. Hamilton radioed his team again asking for “a different strategy”

Lap 14 – Vettel pits for Ferrari changing to the super-soft tyres but only just re-joining the race in front of Rosberg however Vettel quickly gained track position.

Lap 15 – Raikkonen radioed the team asking to come in for a tyre change with Rosberg setting another fastest lap of the race whilst trying to catch-up with Sebastian Vettel. Carlos Sainz makes his way past Jenson Button for 10th place.

Lap 16 – Sebastian Vettel made his way past Lewis Hamilton (hasn’t changed tyres yet) setting a fastest lap of the race leaving Nico Rosberg behind his team-mate.
Not interested, Lewis Hamilton made it difficult for Rosberg to get past – until he came into the pits. Hamilton using the only set of unused medium tyres for the race.

Lap 17 – Fernando Alonso and Esteban Gutierrez came together with Alonso’s car overturning leaving the McLaren unrecognisable.
Alonso was going to overtake Gutierrez who slowed down earlier than Alonso expected, Alonso caught the back left tyre of the Haas car sending his McLaren right into the barrier and straight into the gravel pit.

Lap 18 – Safety Car Deployed (teams taking advantage of coming into the pits)

 Lap 18 – Race Red-Flagged

Lap 19  – Safety Car restart from the pit-lane.

Rio Haryanto out of the race leaving Manor one driver down….

Lap 21 – Rosberg loses 7 tenths on the opening lap to Vettel – Vettel sets a fastest lap. Jenson Button makes his way to 13th place getting past Sergio Perez.
Vettel continues his advantage over Rosberg.

Lap 22 – DRS Enabled.

Lap 23 – Raikkonen came into the pits unexpectedly with the driver saying “I broke something” a fire starting as he drove into the pits –  ending his race at the Australian Grand Prix Race 2016.

Lap 27 – Drive through penalty for Ericsson as the team worked on his car during the 15 second warning for the race-restart.

Lap 32 – Hamilton makes his way past Carlos Sainz who came into the pits to change his tyres from soft to medium.

Lap 36 – Vettel pits and comes out ahead of Felipe Massa in 5th place and charges away to catch-up to Lewis Hamilton in 3rd place.

Lap 42 – Lewis Hamilton takes second place overtaking Daniel Ricciardo into the first turn meanwhile Carlos Sainz made his way past Palmer and two corners later so did hide team-mate MaxVerstappen.

Lap 46 – On a fresh set of tyres, Ricciardo makes his way past Felipe Massa much to the joy of the Australian Crowd!

Lap 52 – Lewis Hamilton out-brakes himself, losing time and allowing Sebastian Vettel to catch-up….

Lap 53 – 5 laps remaining, Vettel pursuing Lewis Hamilton and closing the gap meanwhile Max Verstappen loses control of his car hitting his team-mate Sainz who locked up going into a turn.

Lap 55 – Vettel locks-up and goes off track radioing to his team “Sorry Guys”

Lap 57 – Nico Rosberg completes the round of his final lap bringing home the car by winning the Australian Grand Prix Race 2016

Lewis Hamilton in second place, Sebastian Vettel in third and followed by Daniel Ricciardo in fourth place….

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Image – Sky Sports F1


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