Formula 1: Fernando Alonso “Lucky to be Alive” walked away from this crash

Fernando Alonso says he’s “Lucky to be alive” as he walked away from the crash at the Australian Grand Prix 

In all honesty, I didn’t expect the Australian Grand Prix to be that good but from the very first lap there was excitement with drivers pushing their cars more and more – I bet the whole season is actually going be that good!   

The Ferrari team showed that they can catch-up to the Mercedes team however their strategy was just all wrong – if they’d have thought things through a little bit better then I’d go as far as saying that they could have won the race! 

Even Raikkonen’s car ended up catching fire – bad luck for the team! 

However, it’s not the racing that caught everyone’s attention – THE crash that everyone is talking about is of course Alonso and Gutierrez! 

I mean, when you look at how the construction and build of the cars protects the drivers you know that there’s talented people in the modern-day world of designing! Without all that effort going into the design many drivers wouldn’t be here with us today.

I love writing this post and knowing that Fernando Alonso is safe and well – a slight bump to the knee is nothing when you look at how unrecognisable the car is. 

After his accident the driver said “I am aware that today I spent some of the luck remaining in life, I want to thank McLaren and the FIA for the safety on this car and also my colleagues and fans for the concern and unconditional support, It was a scary moment and a scary crash!” 

Alonso then continued to say that he “(I) saw a little gap and got out quickly to make sure that my mum who was at home watching the race on the tv could see that I was OK!” 

The car looks unrecognisable after the accident with Alonso saying he felt “lucky” to be alive and talking to the media. 

During the race I really liked seeing how ‘together’ drivers are for one another – it might be a sport where each person has to look out for themselves but you really see them all join forces when an accident happens in the sport and it really is nice to that….

After the race a lot of people were questioning the new ‘halo design’ which is set to be built onto the new cars for the 2017 season BUT would Alonso have managed to exit his car as easily if the design was on the car this year?

Do you think Formula 1 should go ahead with the new safety feature or find another way to protect the drivers?

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