Formula 1: Day 2 Pre Testing Recap F1

Formula 1: Day 2 Pre Testing Recap

Just in case you missed it – here’s a detailed recap of what happened during today’s Formula 1 Pre-Testing (Day 2) – who came fastest and who surprised us? 


The newest addition to the formula 1 teams Haas still didn’t manage to set any times – they had a fuel system failure yesterday which was corrected by the team working overnight only to have a turbo fail today. 

The team is understandably frustrated with all the ongoing issues and didn’t think there would be so much “complexity” with setting up and running a new team – you’d think that members and colleagues that switched from other teams would have mentioned just how stressful and complex F1 is. 

A disappointing day for the Haas team no less – here’s to hoping things will pick-up before Melbourne to get a few laps in there! 


Manor had a little problem however Pascale Werhlein managed to bring home 79 laps, setting a time of 127.0 meaning that they were 10th quickest. 

On the other hand team-mate Rio Haryanto set the same time yesterday on the mediums. 


Magnussen is getting as many laps in there as he can – bringing home 126 laps for Renault at 123.9 making him 3rd fastest – a great achievement for the team!


Ferrari didn’t have any issues with the fuel-pump however they did change the fuel-tank overnight which isn’t really a small job or something that the engineers want to have an issue with so close to the Melbourne Race. 

Other than that Vettel was 4th quickest today setting a lap time of 124.6 and bringing home 151 laps – he had no issues with the car unlike his team-mate Raikkonen. 


Valtteri Bottas is still impressing and always becoming a better (and stronger) driver – seeing the quickest lap overall of 123.2 and bringing home 108 laps! 

Followed with a short run on the super soft tyre – 123.2 and the soft tyre 124.0 showing interesting results that he was 0.4 seconds slower (per lap) than Hamilton on the same tyre. 

A very good day for the team indeed showing their fighting spirit – I think this is only the start for the Williams team and we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more in the Melbourne Qualifying!


Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg managed to set a fastest lap which was 2 seconds faster than the fastest lap last year – today Rosberg was going through the race simulation that Hamilton was doing yesterday coming 9th, bringing home 91 laps and setting a time of 126.2. 

Meanwhile Hamilton was doing the qualifying-simulation that Rosberg was going-through the day before – Hamilton set a time of 126.3 and went for 73 laps – slower than Rosberg but you can still see the rivalry between the two ‘team mates’ continuing into the 2016 season. 


Marcus Ericsson sadly caused a red-flag during his run with a wheel coming off the car – originally thought that he had a slight issue with his car however it was simply the wheel coming off. 

Sauber also announced that they have a new Chief Engineer from RedBull! 

Force India 

Perez was 8th quickest today bringing home 128 laps for the team and setting a time of 125.5 – overall great results for the Force India team which has been bombarded with rumours about their managing director Vijay Mallya resigning from his post however he has “rubbished off” the comments saying he is “still in control” of the team. 


Ah McLaren, I have so much hope for you and today you showed tiny, tiny sparks!

Jenson Button went through the race simulation run bringing home 121 laps and setting a time of 125.1 making him 5th fastest – a definite improvement!!

There was a slight suspension problem but overall a good day – something positive from McLaren! 

So there we have a detailed recap on what happened at Day 2 Pre -Testing in Barcelona – more to come tomorrow!! 🙂 

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