Ferrari’s Raikkonen Trials New Cockpit Protection

Ferrari’s Raikkonen Trials New Cockpit Protection 

Today we saw the ‘new’ cockpit protection modelled on Ferrari Driver Kimi Raikkonen’s car on Day 3 of Pre-Testing in Barcelona. 

This was purely a mock-up made from carbon-fibre (lightweight) and only placed on the car to show how it could look. 

According to the rumours the ‘real-version’ will be made from steel piping and will appear on the 2017 cars. 

Overall the reaction from teams and their drivers has been rather positive about the ‘halo’ cockpit protection however one driver stood out – Hulkenberg didn’t like the look of the mock-up on the Ferrari and saying that “Formula 1 is a sport that needs danger”. 

I understand where he’s coming from however if this is something that can save a driver’s life then I think it’s worth it. 

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