Ferrari 2020 F1 Car Launch – SF1000


Ferrari 2020 F1 Car Launch – SF1000

Yesterday, we had the launch of the Scuderia Ferrari 2020 F1 Car and what a launch it was!

The team spent time on their launch this year with an incredible introduction, featuring an choir, orchestra and even ballet dancers – this was a launch unlike any other, so far.

Followed with speeches from Ferrari CEO, Louis Camilleri and of course the team principal, Mattia Binotto.

Alongside the team principal, we had the teams’ two drivers – Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc who seem to have put the strain and competitiveness from last year behind them – for now….

Ferrari 2020 F1 Car Launch – SF1000


Where does the name SF1000 come from?

At the launch event, Mattia Binotto said that this name was to celebrate the year in which Ferrari will contest their 1000th Formula 1 World Championship event.

An evolution from the 2019 car but the main thing that everyone wants to know – will it be able to stop Mercedes?

We all know that there’s a major change on the way for the 2021 season and it seems like Ferrari are already looking ahead.

Before people start jumping to conclusions, Binotto said that the team is keen to push forward the 2020 concept as much as possible.

Mattia Binotto: “The starting point for the 2020 car was the car of last year, the SF90. We have been extreme on the concept, as much as we could….It may look similar to last year but it’s completely different to the car of last year and a lot of the concepts are very extreme on the SF1000.”

We should be seeing an even bigger improvement on reliability for the car – and hopefully the team strategies too!



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