Mercedes 2020 Livery – Car Launch

The 2020 season is getting closer and it’s the time of year when we get to see the car launches for the 2020 season.

Haas was the first team to reveal it’s livery last week and in this post, we’re looking at Mercedes 2020 livery which launched this week.

Mercedes 2020 Livery – First Look


Normally, I’m really excited to see the new cars however, I have to say that I’m really disappointed with the Mercedes 2020 livery.

I was expecting a bit more of an update – perhaps a sleeker look from the team.

We can see that the speckled star design being carried on from the 2019 car – including the little red star for Niki Lauda. This is a nice touch.

There’s minimal changes looks-wise, we can see more red/burgundy highlighting the INEOS’s branding – the new primary partner for the team.

Of course, whilst the livery is always exciting to see (just not in this case) it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The car will be on-track for the first time next week, in a showdown with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas at Silverstone.

Mercedes is now the second team to reveal it’s livery for the 2020 season and I just hope we get a bit more ‘wow’ factor from other teams.


Lots more coming soon!

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