Fernando Alonso Comeback? “….it’s not tempting still”


Fernando Alonso Comeback?

Fernando Alonso is one of Formula 1’s greatest drivers – with fans from around the world and respect from everyone in the paddock, he’s known for his talent, his passion for racing along with his sometimes outspoken interviews.

Since announcing that he wouldn’t be racing in Formula 1 from the end of 2018, he’s been getting involved in other racing projects and now moving his attention to the Indianapolis 500 – again.

Despite him not being a Formula 1 driver this year, Alonso has been seen at both Australia and Bahrain with McLaren (for his role) and this week he drove the MCL34 during testing in Bahrain.

Fernando Alonso: “Obviously, it’s a big step forward in every aspect of the car. I think the car has more grip, the car is less draggy on the straights and the engine is a bigger step for the better as well.”

“Overall, the package of the car is on the right direction. I think that this year, it’s a good baseline and good programme of development. I think it’s going to be a much better season for the team and I’m happy.”

“Especially last year, it was a good start but then we stopped the development probably in May or June and that was painful – I knew that it was my final season as well so to run with the same car from Barcelona to Abu Dhabi – yeah, that was painful.”

“We saw the first two race (2019 Formula 1 season) and there is still another step to do if you want to compete with the top 3 teams but as a first step, I think to be fourth team or leading the midfield with Haas – that’s the target and I felt that on the car as well.”

“I don’t think there will be a comeback to Formula 1 – not really as I think what I had to achieve in Formula 1, I have achieved already in the past so, no regrets.”

“If one day I come back to Formula 1, which I doubt because my decision is firm to stop, it’s if I win a World Championship – that possibility is tempting for any driver but to finish seventh or sixth or even fourth – it’s not tempting still.”

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