Sebastian Vettel: “I know that I can be better”


Sebastian Vettel: “I know that I can be better”

Race Weekend – 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

Following the Bahrain Grand Prix, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all eagerly waiting for the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend. The previous race was full of battles and unpredictable events, leaving us all wondering how this weekend will pan out…

Before I start writing about the press conferences and featuring team exclusives, I thought to share a little interview featuring Sebastian Vettel who talks about the season so far and of course, his team mate – Charles Leclerc following his great drive (and bad luck) during the Bahrain Grand Prix. Take a look below for all the details….

Sebastian Vettel: “I’m not sure what the media imagines on the inside – I haven’t come across a driver that was a pain in the ass and I hope that I never will. I think prior to the season, all I said was that it’s a different person so it means that this was going to be a new and different challenge.”

“I have always shown respect when other people do well, as he (Charles Leclerc) did in Bahrain.”

“Of course, I wasn’t entirely happy with my performance and I’m not happy with the ‘feeling’ yet – the car, the feeling I had in testing and so on….”

“I know that I can be better and I know that we have lots of races to show and prove that but at least when I’m not at the top of it – it’s good that he (Leclerc) is.”

“It was a surprise when we came to Australia and the car wasn’t anywhere near what we had in Barcelona – with the car being very alive and unstable. Bahrain, I think the conditions were tricky and everyone was struggling with the wind and so on but we were surprised to find ourselves faster down the straights than other people, especially with Australia having been on the back foot.”

“We’ll see where we are here, in China and go from there. I also had testing and it was useful to get some laps in the car, I think we learned some things about the car behaviour that we maybe didn’t count in Barcelona because we were looking at other things. To be fair, in Barcelona, the behaviour was very strong so hopefully I can have a better feeling in the car this weekend.”

“Bahrain was already a lot better and the test afterwards has given me and the team a chance to try some things – with those findings, we come here now and see where it will take us.”

“We need to get everything right in China, it’s extremely tight at the top and I also expect Red Bull to be closer here than they were in Bahrain. I’m not entirely sure what happened there but I do expect things to be very close.”

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