Contract Talk – Daniel Ricciardo: “I want to make it work”…


Contract Talk – Daniel Ricciardo: “I want to make it work”….

It’s been a career move which many have questioned for Ricciardo however, the driver did answer some questions about the upcoming contract talks.

At the moment, his former team-mate, Sebastian Vettel is out of a contract at the end of 2020 with Ferrari and just like last year, many people are wondering if the driver will retire – or continue with the team.

Daniel Ricciardo Contract


Just like Sebastian Vettel, there has been a lot of talk surrounding Daniel Ricciardo too – with many linking him to the Scuderia Ferrari team IF Sebastian Vettel was to retire.

Daniel Ricciardo: “Sebastian is a nice guy, I will answer calls for sure but I most importantly want this to work (with Renault).”

“I don’t want it to feel like I’ve just come to Renault, got away from Red Bull and then I’m looking for the next best thing… I really want to make this happen and make it work, obviously the step to that is getting more out of things this year, than we did last year and hopefully getting enough out of it so that the journey continues beyond my two-year contract.”

“That’s the, let’s say…. ‘ideal scenario’ – to talk about the what ifs and the future here and there, it’s still too early…… you don’t want to rock the boat obviously but, we haven’t even started this year so to already think about 2021…. I can’t think about it now….”

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