Testing Week 2, Day One: Kubica Fastest


Testing Week 2, Day One:  Kubica Fastest

We’re now back to pre-season testing for Week 2 and Day One showed that Robert Kubica was the fastest driver for the day – setting the fastest lap for Alfa Romeo!

Every driver but Kevin Magnussen and Antonio Giovinazzi took their cars out for testing – an important part of the season for all the teams as they gather as much data as possible.

Testing Week 2 – Day One


With Kubica at the top of the timesheet, we come to the Red Bull Racing team with Max Verstappen pushing the car and gathering all the data that he can for the team.

One of the quickest afternoon drivers, he set his flying lap on the harder C3 tyre however, he spun and stopped on track just 5 minutes before the end of the session – brining out the third and final red flag of the session.

Lewis Hamilton was amongst the morning drivers, finishing P7 – a difference compared to last week with his team-mate in P9.

Lewis Hamilton managed 89 laps in the car and Valtteri Bottas managed another 90 – a good day for Mercedes and data-gathering, setting the highest lap count.

Ferrari are slightly down on their lap times it seems however – if we think back to their previous seasons, they normally appear strong in pre-season testing and doesn’t work out for the races…. could this year be different?

Perhaps they don’t want to show their potential just yet – leaving things for the race track in Melbourne?

Whatever their plans, Sebastian Vettel brought back the fastest lap of pre-season testing for the team…. so far.

McLaren and Renault didn’t manage to make their way into the Top 10 but as we always say – pre-season testing times shouldn’t really be looked at in their entirety…

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