Esteban Ocon For F1 2020: “I feel comfortable”


Esteban Ocon For F1 2020: “I feel comfortable”

Whilst we may have lost Nico Hulkenberg, Formula 1 fans will be happy to see Esteban Ocon back on track, teaming up with Daniel Ricciardo at Renault.

The driver was seen throughout the paddock in 2019 and it seems like he can’t wait for the upcoming season to begin – appearing happy and extremely confident with the car and his team.


Esteban Ocon: “It’s impressive these new cars, I have to say. The amount of grip I feel now, I think I’ve never felt it before… I never went that fast in some corners before.

“It feels good, it’s definitely exciting, because the cars are just going to get faster and faster, so we are going to probably break all the records I reckon this year, of lap times.”

“I feel very comfortable! We worked on the position the whole winter… I’m legal and I have a really good position in the car.”

“So far the testing went really good, the car feels very good to start with, it feels well-born, it feels predictable – I think it’s a solid base.”

“Sometimes you step in cars, and you think, ‘Ah, there is an issue they’ve been trying to solve for the whole winter‘. There isn’t any… of that at the moment. It feels pretty healthy.”

We all know that 2021 is the year when we’ll be seeing a lot of changes however we could have a few surprises along the way this year too – if the ‘talk’ is anything to go by, we should have closer racing with the midfield and that means – more battles!

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