“Unbelievable Result” – Fernando Alonso on the Aston Martin Qualifying Fifth For The 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso has spoken about the Aston Martin’s performance in Qualifying, on Saturday, ahead of the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix saying it’s an “unbelievable result”.

The Aston Martin team and Fernando Alonso have shown a positive start for their 2023 season with them looking strong in pre-season testing and things are off to a great start for the race season, qualifying within the top 5.


Photo Credit: Formula 1

Fernando Alonso: “This is just an unbelievable result and the car we are driving at the moment, this is just the baseline, the starting point of this project.”

Continuing: “Everything is new, we have now a good platform that we can develop in the next weeks and over the next races.”

“Starting in the top five in race one, this is just unreal! We are enjoying every moment, every practice and it seems too good to be true – too good to be true, but now we are finally in qualifying and we are in the top five, fighting with Ferrari and Mercedes. This was unthinkable eight months ago.”

“So far, the strength of the car has been the long run, very low degradation on the car and taking care of the tyres very good. We start top five, if there is an opportunity, we are very, very close to the podium.”

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