Former Ferrari Boss Sergio Marchionne Dies at 66

Sergio Marchionne Dies At 66

A few days ago, it was announced that Sergio Marchionne had stepped down from his role as CEO of Fiat and Ferrari (see this article here) due to complications from shoulder surgery, leaving him unable to return to work.

Following the announcement, it was then reported that his health has suddenly deteriorated sharply at the University Hospital of Zurich in Switzerland and now, just 3 days later following the initial announcement from Fiat and Ferrari – Sergio Marchionne has passed away at the age of 66.

It’s believed that Sergio Marchionne had fallen into a coma during surgery which was a lot more invasive than original media reports. Whilst many reports are saying that the disease was undiagnosed, we are also hearing that he had been diagnosed as having shoulder sarcoma.

Sergio Marchionne will always be remembered as one of the most powerful and successful chief executives, an auto-industry legend who saved Fiat and Chrysler.

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