Max Verstappen: “The whole weekend has been really tricky..” Portugal 2020


Max Verstappen: “The whole weekend has been really tricky” – Portugal GP 2020

Give Max Verstappen a championship-winning car and he’ll be a tough driver to beat. He’s been consistent and takes the necessary risks to give himself the best chances – proving himself as a worthy driver.

Throughout Qualifying, the Red Bull Racing driver looked strong and at one point, looked like he could take pole however Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas locked-out the front row.

Take a look at what he had to say following qualifying and why he feels the weekend has been difficult…

Max Verstappen: “For us it was very straightforward, we just committed to softs for the whole of qualifying.”

“I think already the whole weekend has been really tricky with getting the tyres to work, and besides that I think it’s not only tyres, the tarmac is very slippery and there’s just one line you can take.”

“Overall it’s still good to be third but it was a bit confusing throughout qualifying. I did my fastest lap time in Q1, and after that I couldn’t replicate it just because I didn’t have the same grip.”

“Of course the time runs down in Q2 and Q3, you have even less time to do your laps and it just seemed like it was a bit more difficult for us to get the tyres in a better window, even though I think in Q3 compared to Q2 it felt a bit better on the very first timed lap.”

“”So, it was better but for me personally not very enjoyable to drive at the moment with the tyres and grip on the track.”

“I was here in January and I thought it was going to be amazing to drive a Formula 1 car. The scenery, everything is perfect, but the grip we have, for me personally you can’t really push, you’re just driving on ice. So it’s a bit of a shame.”

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