LIVE: 2019 Austrian Grand Prix


LIVE: 2019 Austrian Grand Prix

Location: Austria

Circuit: Red Bull Ring

Another race weekend is here and today, we’re expecting a great race!

As you saw in the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying – Charles Leclerc took pole position for the race today closely followed by none other than Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton has a 3 place grid penalty however he will be starting the race in P4 due to Magnussen receiving a penalty and moving him up one position.

Valtteri Bottas will be starting in P3 with Max Verstappen in P2.

Lewis Hamilton arrived at the circuit earlier this morning and gave fans something to cheer at!


Drivers are now out on the track parade and chatting the media – you can take a look at some of the driver interviews below.

TRACK PARADE – 2019 Austrian Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc: “We were very quick yesterday, we thought that Mercedes would have the step up in Qualifying but they didn’t and that was a nice surprise. Hopefully, today is the same and we can have a great race and have a good result. It’s very cool starting with Max – we were on the front row together 7 years ago and now, we are fighting in a Formula 1 race together and that will be exciting. It should be an exciting race!”

Lewis Hamilton: “I’m not relaxed it’s just that some things don’t go your way – you just need to move forwards. You can’t dwell on the past – the only thing that someone can do is shape the future and not look at the past. I don’t envisage things, the excitement of the race is not knowing, it’s always going to be something different.”


Valtteri Bottas: “It’s the usual – I had a good sleep, had a run and then had breakfast and then came to the track. I think today will be an interesting race and we should have a lot of opportunities with strategies.”

Max Verstappen: “It’s amazing to see all the fans, this is great motivation for the race and I hope that we can have a good race today. Hopefully I can do something like last year – that would be good.”

TURN 1 in Austria has been named as the Niki Lauda Kurve – in honour of the 3x World Champion who passed away.

Drivers are now making their way onto the grid with their teams, getting prepared for the race.

The weather is extremely warm and some teams have also set up little tents over the cars for shade.

Lando Norris: “I always want to do better – I want to improve compared to last week in France but there’s a lot to think about and a race ahead. We have the guys behind, especially the Alfa’s, they’re really quick at the moment and I’ll just keep my head down and see what I can do.”

Max Verstappen: “A lot of people are here and it’s really nice to see. It’s positive motivation and I don’t know what I can do – we’ll just find out during the race.”


Drivers are now on the grid, in their cars and waiting for the formation lap.


The drivers are now making their way round the formation lap – getting their cars ready for the start of the race. 

It’s really warm, the sun is shining and this should be in interesting race.

Lap 1

A terrible start for Max Verstappen as Charles Leclerc remains in the lead

Valtteri Bottas has a wonderful start and makes a move around Verstappen. Hamilton battling alongside with Lando Norris who had a great start but not enough pace to hold other drivers back.

Lap 2

Max Verstappen now makes his way through the grid – catching up to Vettel who’s in P6.

Vettel putting the pressure on Lando Norris.

Raikkonen is up in P4!

Lap 3

DRS is now available – Max Verstappen is behind Sebastian Vettel and putting the pressure on the Ferrari.

Vettel is putting the pressure on Norris.

Lando Norris doesn’t have enough pace but he is still up in P5.

Charles Leclerc now sets the fastest lap time.

Lap 4

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You can see post-race driver interviews below and this afternoon, you’ll be able to see driver interviews and all the race reaction.


Note – The stewards are now looking into the move between Verstappen and Leclerc.



Max Verstappen: “Wow! After the start, I thought that the race was over. I got a flat spot on my first set of tyres. We had good pace throughout and I could make the pass and I’m so happy for the team and for Honda too – it’s all incredible. This is racing, if we don’t race, we have to stay home. If them moves are not allowed then what’s the point in being here.”

Charles Leclerc: “Overall, the race was good. I had a bit more degradation than I thought and I will let the stewards go through the videos and see what they think. The lap before, he (Verstappen) left the space but in the last move, I didn’t have enough space.”

Valtteri Bottas: “We made the most of this race – it was more difficult than we expected and I couldn’t really race properly as defending was difficult as was racing. The race pace, we didn’t have much difference but we had to manage the temperatures and tyres.”

Driver Press Interviews

Sebastian Vettel: “It’s always ‘almost’ – yesterday hurt us with the pace we had today. We could have worked better and defended better but it was a fun race and there was some wheel-to-wheel, maybe I’m not entirely happy with the decision. This track is more in our favour than others. I’m not a fan of passing these decisions to other people sat in chairs, I haven’t seen the incident but – we are all adults and we are the ones racing, they (the stewards) should leave us alone to race.”

Charles Leclerc: “I’m angry at the moment, I don’t know – seeing things from the inside, I thought it was an unfair move but I haven’t seen an outside video of it. The first try, he left me a car width, the second move, he didn’t. The Red Bull are extremely quick – well, Max is quick and the Red Bull has a lot of speed, we need see how we can improve.”

Max Verstappen: “After such a start to come back through and when I got to second, I started to believe in the win – better than expected. I guess before that, it was hard to see. I could see that I was catching but when I got past Valtteri is when I could see that there was a potential.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I don’t think we need to write off this weekend. I came fifth, I got the points and that’s a positive. We had good pace but we just couldn’t race – this is how this track is and that’s the limitation of the circuit this weekend.”

Lots more coming soon this evening – including driver interviews and hopefully the press conference with the top 3 drivers.

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