2019 Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE

2019 Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE

Location: Austria

Circuit: Red Bull Ring

Session: Qualifying

It’s another beautiful day at the Red Bull Ring as drivers are getting ready for the upcoming Qualifying session.

The sun is shining, it’s extremely warm and it looks like this weekend – the teams will be closer than ever.

Hamilton: “I think I’m doing OK but I always think that I can do better ad improve.”

Vettel: “We can look back at different races and see where to improve but I only look forward. This team is strong, there’s plenty of ideas and we are planning to update our car and hopefully we can turn it around.”

Bottas: “When you look back, there’s a few races that I haven’t been able to turn into a win but there’s always progress and ways to improve.”

Verstappen: “It’s an amazing feeling when you’re close and battling. I don’t think we can get the win this weekend as it will be tough but we will do what we can.”

Mattia Binotto: “In France we brought some upgrades – some worked, some didn’t. Here we brought other updates and a few minor upgrades but we are more focused on the set up and driver confidence overall. There’s no doubt that we need to improve the car.”

QUALIFYING – Austrian Grand Prix LIVE

We’re now getting ready for Qualifying – he support out there for Max Verstappen is incredible! Called the “orange army” you can see them in waves.

Q1 – Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying

Drivers are now making their way out on track – it’s really hot, the sun is shining and it’s going to be close as Charles Leclerc has looked strong throughout the weekend too.

Charles Leclerc goes fastest. At the moment, the top 3 are Leclerc, Gasly and Vettel closely followed by Norris who’s also worth a mention.

Leclerc: “I don’t know how I got the lap – I was too close to Hamilton but, I don’t know….”

Setting an impressive time by being close to Hamilton (and not driving in clean air).

Max Verstappen now goes third fastest – the crowds are cheering.

Leclerc now sets an even better lap time.

Mercedes aren’t looking great at the moment – they’re both further back. Hamilton in P4 and Bottas in P7.

Vettel up in P2 however he went wide and is now driving slowly.

Gasly: “I lost power in my second lap – out of Turn 1.”

Max Verstappen now going quickest in the middle sector – can he improve?

Lewis Hamilton now going 5th fastest. At the moment, Mercedes aren’t able to increase their time.

Mercedes are now sending both their drivers out on track – they’re not looking as strong.

Bottas currently down in P12, Hamilton in P8 so they both need to improve on their times.

Max Verstappen now sets the fastest lap time!

Kvyat: “What the **** was that….?” In regards to the traffic on the last few turns.

Lewis Hamilton is now making his way round the circuit and looking a lot faster – he’s up in P2. 

Valtteri Bottas right behind in P3 – both cars are looking better at the moment however both Ferrari drivers are in the garage, not worrying.

Team to Perez: “Checo, that’s P16 mate, P16.”

Perez: “I can’t believe that…”

Q1 – Knock-Out Zone






Drivers are now back in the garages and preparing for the next part of Qualifying.

Kvyat and Russell will be investigated after Qualifying following an incident on track.

Q2 – Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying

The green light is on however teams are taking their time to come out on the track.

Mercedes are the first cars making their way out onto the circuit.

Red Bull are now sending Max Verstappen out.

Teams are being rather cautious and taking their times for drivers coming out on the circuit.

Bottas now sets the fastest lap time.

Verstappen goes first fastest – to cheers of the crowd!

Ferrari drivers are now making their way round the circuit – they’re looking strong.

Leclerc now sets the fastest lap time.

Sebastian Vettel in P2 – his team-mate just has the edge.

Grosjean has front-wing damage – the team telling him he needs to box.

Albon and Sainz will be starting from the back of the grid due to penalties.

Lewis Hamilton: “We are not quick on the straights.”

Hamilton has dropped back and Valtteri Bottas is now making his way round the circuit – it’s not a good weekend for Mercedes.

Leclerc, Vettel and Verstappen currently make up the top 3 drivers.

Magnussen locks up and goes off-track – a terrible lap for him.

Lewis Hamilton now sets a time for third fastest, Valtteri Bottas in P5 – not bad considering their Q2 session.

Charles Leclerc at the top of the timesheets.


There’s an FIA member down at Sebastian Vettel’s car – the team not happy as Mattia Binotto comes away from the pit-wall to have a look.

The team are now working on something on Vettel’s car.

Vettel sat in the car, watching the monitor.

Q2 – Knock-Out Zone






Mattia Binotto has now rejoined the pit-wall however he’s keeping an eye on the team.


The team are still working on Vettel’s car with the FIA member still there.

Q3 – Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying Live

Vettel’s side of the team are all standing around the left hand side of Vettel’s car – work is still taking place.

Even though the green light is on, drivers are not making their way out – yet.

Team to Leclerc: “You can switch off the engine….”

Why are they telling Leclerc to switch off the engine?

Team to Leclerc: “You can now fire up the engine.”

This is strange.

Mercedes now come out into the pit-lane and make their way to the circuit closely followed by Norris.

Vettel’s team still working on the car.

There may be a leak on Vettel’s car – the team are still working.

Drivers are trying to prepare their cars in the best way to get the fastest lap time set.

Both Mercedes set good times however Charles Leclerc makes his way round the circuit and sets the fastest lap time!

It’s a good weekend for Leclerc – 1:03.002

Max Verstappen sets the third fastest lap time.

Verstappen: “You need to tell me the times – I want to be closer to them.”


Leclerc sitting nicely at the top of the times.

The current top 3 are Leclerc, Bottas and Verstappen.

Hamilton down in P4 but they’re all making their way back out onto the circuit.


Lewis Hamilton in P2, Max Verstappen P3, Valtteri Bottas P4, Magnussen, P5, Norris P6, Raikkonen in P7, Giovinazzi in P8, Gasly in P9 and Vettel in P10.

Leclerc: “Yes baby! That feels good – I’m really happy for the team but I’m also sorry for what happened to Seb.”


Charles Leclerc: “Yeah, the car turned out amazing. I struggled a little bit and we changed things from FP2 and it’s a pleasure to drive this car. Tomorrow, we need to do the job. It’s going to be a very difficult race tomorrow, very challenging physically and also the car”

Lewis Hamilton: “Congratulations to Charles, he’s been really strong this weekend and luckily that last lap was ok – I just didn’t know if we were going to start that lap and there was a bit of a panic. Max has been driving great and I think it’s quite exciting to see three different teams – they’re the “young-un’s” and I’m excited to race with these guys.”

Max Verstappen: “I’m really happy at the moment, this isn’t easy for us and the whole weekend has been great. I’m really happy to be in the top 3 and it’s great – it brings a big smile to my face and hopefully I can bring them a good race tomorrow.”

Sebastian Vettel: “Obviously the car was broken so we couldn’t start up and go and we fairly quickly made the decision to change but it’s not easy and the guys did everything they could but we didn’t have the time. It’s frustrating but at the time – it’s nobody’s fault and as much of a pain it is, it’s good to see the other car came through. I’m happy for the team but I’m not happy for my side.”

There’s lots more coming to the website this afternoon, including driver interviews so make sure you check back for all the latest.

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