Jenson Button is “It’s Madness” that Sebastian Vettel is Leaving Ferrari


Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel

Since the announcement that Sebastian Vettel will be leaving Ferrari at the end of the 2020 season, we’ve been seeing (and reading) all the rumours – with people voicing their opinions on the situation.

One person who is still “shocked” at the announcement is Jenson Button saying: “If he was pushed, for me it’s madness. He’s a four-time world champion. I think he showed his speed last year – even though he had a really tough moment in the season when Charles L.

He came back really strong and he’s just somebody you would definitely choose to put in your car if you had an F1 team.”

There must be more to it. I don’t know if Ferrari are going down the route of not wanting two number one drivers or what but it’s a really strange choice for me and I’m still shocked at the decision of Sebastian not being in a red car.” 

We’ll have to see how it plays out. It’s just a weird time at the moment – we’ve not seen an F1 car in months and to make driver choices at a point when drivers haven’t been driving is really unusual.”

Normally, it’s the mid-season and you see how the guys are performing in that year. Vettel could have been four, five wins in at this point in time and then I’m sure, the decision would have been very different….”

Along with everyone, we’re all waiting to see if Sebastian Vettel will be moving to another team or if he’ll be retiring from the sport – if it’s the latter, the sport will be losing yet another great driver and that’s something we don’t want to see….

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