Hamilton Summoned To Stewards After Alleged Failure To Slow For Yellow Flags


Lewis Hamilton Summoned To Stewards

It’s the first race weekend and we’re in Austria where we’re already seeing things unfold during the race weekend.

Right after qualifying, we heard from Lewis Hamilton who said Valtteri Bottas’ off (on their flying laps) hadn’t slowed his pace at all – causing the stewards to summon him to appear before them and explain the alleged failure to slow for the yellow flags.

Hamilton led all the free practice sessions, including Q1 however things went Bottas’ way in Q2 and of course, Q3 – setting his first flying lap which was good enough to give him provisional pole.

On Bottas’ last flying lap, we saw him edge off the track, exiting at Turn 4 which could have cost him the chance to improve on his already good time.

One driver who’s been showing his speed and potential this weekend is Max Verstappen – the Red Bull Racing driver has been consistent throughout the weekend being one of the main threats for the Mercedes team.

Lewis Hamilton on the other hand did improve on his time but he was 0.012s behind his team-mate, something which he blamed on himself.

Lewis Hamilton: “I came out of Turn 4 and there was a big puff of dust – I didn’t know where the car was or anything but I managed to see that Valtteri was just about to come on track. Fortunately, that didn’t affect my lap and he also kept his position.”

“Overall, the car was great, I just didn’t manage to put the greatest laps together so there’s work for myself to do. I’ll just go back to the drawing board and work harder.”

If Hamilton is found ‘guilty’ of not slowing down, it could result in a grid drop for the race…


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