Formula 1 News: Fernando Alonso says McLaren will be his final team

Formula 1: Fernando Alonso says McLaren will be his final team in the Formula 1 sport. 

Since last year, we’ve been hearing rumours about Fernando Alonso, left, right and centre – even last week the latest rumour was that he had been “eyeing up” Nico Rosberg’s seat at Mercedes. 

The Spanish driver finally answered a few questions for the press which has only made people talk more “I’m not young anymore so I really hope to win with McLaren-Honda, I don’t think I will switch teams anymore”

Continuing by saying “We (McLaren-Honda) are getting closer and closer so we will see after 2017 if I stay with McLaren or stop in Formula 1″ which still leaves doors open for the Formula 1 driver. 

I don’t know about you but there’s a part of me that thinks it could be a publicity stunt to keep fans engaged with the sport – he’s an outspoken driver and doesn’t keep his opinion quiet, last-week saying the new qualifying format was “sad” and even saying that the sport needs a ‘turning point’ by making cars faster and more dynamic which could tempt him to stay in in Formula 1 a little bit longer…. 

What do you all think? Do you think Alonso will say goodbye to F1 after 2017 or do you think he’ll switch one more team with the possibility of winning another world title?

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