Baku Street Circuit

Formula 1: All you need to know about the NEW addition to the Formula 1 racing calendar – the Baku Street Circuit. 

The Baku street circuit is the newest addition to the Formula 1 racing calendar making it’s debut on June 17-19. 

The designer Hermann Tilke has said that the layout of the track will give drivers a completely new and original challenge – something which we all want to see and the drivers will want to experience!

Saying “The Baku city circuit stands out due to many factors and it’s not comparable with other circuits as it’s a city circuit – it’s unique and expected to be the fastest street circuit on the calendar” 

Fernando Alonso, who’s an ambassador for the race, visited the Baku Street Circuit earlier this March and explained that it’s “Unique, you cannot compare it to any other circuits, it’s good for both the drivers and the spectators.” 

With many opportunities for overtaking and high-speeds (around 340km an hour) it’s actually the first time in history that a street track will be able to allow drivers to reach these high-speeds. 

I always think it’s good to change the locations and bring in new tracks to the Formula 1 sport and as things sound, Baku street circuit is going to be a good one! 🙂 

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