Formula 1: Sky Buys EXCLUSIVE Rights For Formula One

Formula 1: Sky Buys EXCLUSIVE Rights For The Formula One Sport

It’s been announced that Sky has won the EXCLUSIVE rights to show all the Formula One racing from 2019.

This will be the first time that the majority of races will only be shown through a paid-subscription and with Sky Sports F1 already showing 21 grand prix races (practices and qualifying too) – Channel 4 currently has the rights for 10 races a year after it picked up the deal from BBC. 

From 2019 the new Sky Sports F1 deal will run until 2024 – with many people criticising the launch of the Sky Sports F1 channel when it launched it has since gained popularity and now covers a lot of topics, has in-depth interviews and exclusives like no other. 

I personally love Martin Brundle’s approach to the sport – he’s direct and gets the answers he wants along with tech-genius Ted Kravitz who I’ve learnt a lot from, thanks to his trusty notebook! 🙂 

David Croft is also great when commentating throughout the race – you can hear how much he admires the racing and brings everything to your attention as it happens plus the friendly-banter between him and Martin Brundle is great! 

Ted Kravitz and Martin Brundle for Sky Sports F1 – Ted with his trusty notebook that gives us all the details we need to know about! 

Martin Brundle, Christian Horner (RedBull Principal) and Ted Kravitz during a race weekend for Formula 1. 

I think despite the criticism the Sky Sports F1 team received in the beginning they’ve done a great job and covered all the topics during the seasons they’ve been on air. 

They’re a team of friends who might not agree but they discuss their opinions and don’t hold back – at all! 

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