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A LIVE blog which is constantly updated during the race….

Cars are now making their way to the grid.

Fernando Alonso says he is “99% sure I will be back to race in China

Sir Jackie Stewart “Ferrari are very competitive and could beat Mercedes

Track temperature currently (before race start) 29c which should help Ferrari.

Vettel “I have an engine failure

 Lights out – Race Start

Race Start – Hamilton loses places after being hit by Bottas – damage to right hand side of his car…

Carlos Sainz suffering with a puncture and Perez loses part of his front wing along with Ricciardo.

Raikkonen sets the fastest lap

Lap 5 – Massa and Bottas running in second and third, Ricciardo (fourth) and Raikkonen (fifth) closely following behind.

Lap 6 – Raikkonen overtakes Ricciardo, back in fourth place.

Lap 7 – Raikkonen overtakes Bottas and is now in third place.

UNDER INVESTIGATION –  looking at incident between Hamilton and Bottas

Lap 8 – Hamilton overtakes Bottas and is now in fourth place

Lap 9 – Button loses DRS and power – out of race….

Bottas receives a drive-through penalty for causing the accident between him and Hamilton at the beginning of the race.

Lap 11 – Vandoorne moves into 15th place overtaking Hulkneberg in his Formula 1 debut…

Lap 12 – Rosberg leads the race followed by Raikkonen and Hamilton in third place.

Carbon fibre on the track – came off the Force India and hit Vandoorne.

Vandoorne regains his place and overtakes Perez – again.

Lap 13 – Raikkonen overtakes Ricciardo again, making his way through the grid with younger tyres…

Rosberg, race leader, comes into the pits followed by Lewis Hamilton.

Lap 14 – Mercedes ‘mirroring’ Ferrari using same tyres in their stint – Ferrari making his way through the grid, already up in second place and catching up to Rosberg.

Lap 16 – Massa overtakes Kvyat, Kvyat puts up a fight but Massa makes the move stick.

Track temperature 28c

Lap 17 – Hamilton makes his way past Ricciardo and is currently in third position – Raikkonen flying on the soft tyres setting a fastest lap.

Lap 20 – Verstappen puts himself in sixth place overtaking Felipe Massa, Raikkonen now setting slower times than before – Rosberg leads by about 12 seconds.

Lap 22 – Hamilton matching Ferrari’s times on the medium compound tyre

Lap 24 – Grosjean makes his way past Ricciardo with the Haas team up into fourth place….

Lap 25 – Ricciardo pits, using the medium compound tyres and rejoins 11th place…

Vettel “I lost power so decided to stop, it’s all for Kimi now and after the race we will see what will happen. It’s frustrating but I can’t tell you more than that.”

Lap 27 –  Top three – Rosberg, Raikkonen and Hamilton, Verstappen pits from fifth place and Ricciardo makes his way through the grid on new tyres.

Lap 29 – Ricciardo sets the fastest lap whilst Max Verstappen makes his way past Bottas.

Lap 30 – Raikkonen pits using super-soft tyres, covering from Mercedes.

Lap 31 – Rosberg comes into the pits, super-soft tyres on his car too – slight delay in the pits.

Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap on his new tyres after Rosberg leaves the pits…..

Sainz out of the race, fifth driver to retire.

Lap 35 – Massa gains two places with Vandoorne closely behind….Bottas comes into the pits…

Lap 36 – Hulkenberg gets past Sergio Perez followed by Marcus Ericsson – Perez losing two places and struggling on the tyres he’s on.

Lap 38 – Rosberg has now started to lap drivers, Kimi Raikkonen still in second place and followed by Lewis Hamilton.

Raikkonen pits , stopping before the Mercedes and putting medium tyres on his car.

Lap 39 – Rosberg still the race leader with Hamilton in second place and Raikkonen in third – Raikkonen on new tyres (medium) and Mercedes set to make another stop. Ferrari trying a different strategy to get ahead of the silver arrows!

Lap 41 – Hamilton is now the race leader with Rosberg in second place followed by Raikkonen in third

Lap 45 – Rosberg is the race leader again followed by Raikkonen in second place and closely followed by Lewis Hamilton.

Lap 46 – Vandoorne makes his way into the points moving past Ericsson, Grosjean back into sixth place getting past Massa.

Lap 47 – Ricciardo catching up to Verstappen – a battle for fourth place, not really a battle as Verstappen comes into the pits and Ricciardo moves up.

Lap 49 –  Raikkonen being told by his race engineer “it’s not over Kimi, you remember last year” – keeping his driver motivated and told to push for the end of the race.

Lap 51 – Kvyat moves up into eighth place with Bottas fighting for his place but losing – going off-track…

Lap 52 – Wehrlein makes his way up into 13th place making his way past Hulkenberg, Verstappen makes his way up into sixth place going past Felipe Massa who drops to seventh.

Lap 56 – 2 laps now remaining, Hamilton losing one second per lap due to the damage on his car.

Lap 57 – Final lap, Kvyat makes his way past Massa up into seventh place.

Rosberg has five more corners to go

Five consecutive wins for Nico Rosberg and the Mercedes team – his second victory in 2016 followed by Raikkonen in second place and behind in third place, Lewis Hamilton.

First PlaceRosberg

Second PlaceRaikkonen

Third PlaceHamilton

A great race overall and a wonderful drive from everyone but a little of me wonders, would it have been the same if Hamilton didn’t have a problem with his car and would it have been a Ferrari dominated race working with each other on their strategies if Vettel didn’t have a failure?

More to come on the blog soon! 🙂

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