Formula 1 Qualifying to change for Chinese Grand Prix


Formula 1: Qualifying Set To Change For Chinese Grand Prix 

With a long battle, the team bosses have won! Meaning that the most ‘glamourous’ sport is set to return to it’s 2015 qualifying format for the Chinese Grand Prix 2016. 

After commentators, fans and even drivers voicing their disappointment with the ‘new qualifying’ format’ things are now set to change – or revert back to the 2015 Qualifying format ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix: 15-17 April.

There was a huge amount of criticism against Formula 1 and with true fans even suggesting that ‘the sport has lost the plot’ but it’s good to hear that things are changing…. 

The team bosses (teams overall) won a ongoing battle against the sports bosses (FIA) with Jean Todt (President of FIA) releasing a statement and saying they have ‘agreed to return to last seasons format’.

Whilst this may be music to our ears – it’s something which has to be passed in the two final stages, the FIA Commission and the FIA World Council. 

Reports are now saying that the 2015 Qualifying Format will be back for the Chinese Grand Prix (15th-17th April) and onwards for the rest of the season! 

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