Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix LIVE

Getting ready ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix today – it looks like it’s going to be a great race with different drivers/teams higher up in the grid.

Here’s the driver line-up for the race today.

 Lewis Hamilton – Team: Mercedes – Tyre: Ultrasoft

Nico Hulkenberg – Team: Force India – Tyre: Ultrasoft

Jenson Button – Team: McLaren – Tyre: Ultrasoft

Kimi Raikkonen – Team: Ferrari – Tyre: Supersoft

 Daniel Ricciardo – Team: Red Bull Racing – Tyre: Supersoft

Nico Rosberg – Team: Mercedes – Tyre: Ultrasoft

 Valtteri Bottas – Team: Williams –  Tyre: Ultrasoft

 Max Verstappen – Team: Red Bull Racing – Tyre: Supersoft

Sebastian Vettel – Team: Ferrari – Tyre: Supersoft

 Felipe Massa – Team: Williams – Tyre: Ultrasoft

 Esteban Gutierrez –  Team: Haas F1

 Pascal Wehrlein – Team: Manor F1

 Romain Grosjean – Team: Haas F1

 Fernando Alonso – Team: McLaren

 Carlos Sainz – Team: Toro Rosso

 Sergio Perez – Team: Force India

 Kevin Magnussen – Team: Renault

 Marcus Ericsson – Team: Sauber F1

 Jolyon Palmer – Team: Renault

 Rio Haryanto – Team: Manor F1

 Felipe Nasr – Team: Sauber F1

Starting from the Pit lane –  Daniil Kvyat – Team: Toro Rosso

Austrian Grand Prix Live – Before The Race 

Drivers have just returned from the track parade.

30 minutes till lights out – the pit lane is now open with teams and drivers now getting ready to make their way onto the pit-lane.

Track temperature is about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Massa will also be starting from the pit lane due to reconstruction on his car, changing the nose on his car.

Drivers are now lined up at the front for the national anthem and will return to their cars.

Austrian Grand Prix Live – Race 

25 degrees track temperature, 67% humidity. Track currently dry but for how long….?

 The formation lap has begun.

 Drivers are lining up on the track and waiting for lights out….

Lap 1

Hulkenberg has lost a place, Bottas challenging Sebastian Vettel – little contact between the drivers however Vettel and Bottas did come really close.

Alonso tying to overtake Grosjean.

Rosberg gets past Verstappen and Ricciardo, he’s up into 6th place – Hamilton still leads with Button now up into 2nd place.

Lap 3 

Raikonen now up into 3rd place – Daniil Kvyat is out of the race.

Lap 4 

Vettel is closing the gap to Ricciardo in 7th place. Raikkonen closing the gap to Button.

Lap 5

 Nico Rosberg has just set a fastest lap of the race.

Jenson Button is keeping his car ahead of the Ferrari, he knows his strengths.

Rosberg not gets past Hulkenberg and moves up into 4th place. Verstappen also makes his way past Hulkenberg.

Lap 7

Vettel has now made his way past Hulkenberg and at the same time, Raikkonen has made his way past Button. He’s on the chase to catch Hamilton – Ferrari are looking strong.

Lap 8

Nico Rosberg putting pressure on Button and has just made his way past the McLaren driver. His tyres are graining and he’s losing grip.

Lap 9 

Hamilton sets the fastest lap time of the race.

Alonso and Hulkenberg have pitted for tyre changes – Alonso is on the soft tyres.

Lap 10

Button pits, Massa pits, Sainz pits – teams are bringing their drivers in and most of them are going on the soft tyre.

Lap 11 

Rosberg pits first.

It’s Hamilton in the lead followed by Raikkonen and Verstappen – current top 3 but that will more than likely change.

Lap 12

Ricciardo being to push as they will be pitting soon for a tyre change.

Felipe Massa and Gutierrez battling – Gutierrez makes his way past! Haas are now ahead of the Williams team.

It’s a good Austrian Grand Prix Live so far – expecting more to happen during the race as there’s plenty of things to look forward to including rain….

Lap 13

Light rain being reported on the track for the Austrian Grand Prix Live – this could change things up…

Lap 14 

 Vettel is now up into fourth place, Hamilton looks like he’s going to be pitting for a tyre change soon.

Lap 15

Ricciardo has come in for a tyre change, Rosberg has set another fastest lap of the race – Hamilton stays out!

Lap 16 

 Verstappen now pits. Wehrlein is now reporting of rain in turn 4 and Rosberg continues to set the fastest lap of the race.

Verstappen makes his way past Grosjean and is up into 5th place.

Hamilton’s tyres are graining – Raikkonen is now gaining on the Mercedes driver who still hasn’t come into the pits.

Lap 18 

Rosberg is closing the gap – Ferrari will have to pit their drivers in order to cover him off…

Lap 19

Jenson Button is moving through the grid too – he’s in P9 after a tyre-change and closing the gap to Nasr in P8. His team pushing him…

Lap 20 

Hamilton still out on-track, he hasn’t changed his tyres and Rosberg is closing the gap – time wise…. Is there a different strategy going on?

Ferrari still haven’t pitted their drivers to block off Rosberg.

Lap 21

 Rosberg sets another fastest lap time.

Button makes his way past Nasr and is up into 8th place.

Hamilton pits but there was a problem with his left rear tyre so it was a slow pit stop.

Lap 22

Raikkonen now leads the race, Vettel in second place.

Raikkonen comes into the pits and switches place with Vettel. Vettel now leads the race with Rosberg in second place.

Lap 23

Raikkonen now behind the Red Bull drivers in P6.

Vettel leads the race – how long can he stay on them tyres for?

Lap 24

 Alonso now closing the gap to Nasr in P10 – if there’s more rain on the circuit, things could get better for the team!

Lap 25

It’s ever so close between Alonso and Nasr.

Hulkenberg comes into the pits.

Button makes his way up into P7, overtaking Grosjean who still hasn’t come into the pits for a tyre change.

Lap 27

Vettel is out of the race – his right rear tyre exploded on track. Did the Ferrari team leave him out too long??

Safety car deployed, teams taking advantage and coming into the pits for another change – McLaren double stacking their drivers too.

Lap 31

Safety car still on-track leading the drivers…

Race is back-on, Rosberg leads with Hamilton in second and Verstappen following closely behind.

Lap 32

 5 second time penalty for Magnussen, changing direction on track more than once.

Lap 34

DRS has now been enabled.

Lap 35 

Nico Rosberg sets another fastest lap of the race.

Hamilton in second place, not closing the gap quite as much as he would have liked….

Hulkenberg now has a 5 second time penalty as he was speeding in the pit lane.

Lap 38

Jenson Button goes round the outside of the Sauber out of Turn 4 but he can’t quite make it past Nasr… still in P8

Lap 39

Hamilton now sets the fastest lap of the race, is he starting to close the gap to his team-mate?

Button up into P7 making his way past Nasr.

Lap 40

Rosberg leads the race, Hamilton sets another fastest lap of the race…. he’s closing the gap

Ricciardo being told  ‘there are drops of rain in turn 2

Lap 41

Another fastest lap of the race by Hamilton.

There is rain on the track…. this could change things for drivers, especially the McLaren drivers who wanted rain before the race.

Lap 42

Grosjean makes his way past Felipe Nasr with late-braking.

Rosberg now sets the fastest lap of the race…. the two team-mates pushing each other.

Lap 43

Vettel – “No signs of failure, I didn’t go off anywhere and I know as much as you…

Lap 44

Perez makes his way past Nasr who now comes into the pits….

Rosberg leaves the track – Hamilton now closes the gap…. could it be due to rain on the track….

Lap 45

Hamilton is now in the DRS zone….

Hamilton being told “suspension is critical so be careful on the kerbs….

Lap 48

 Mercedes are currently in the lead but Rosberg’s tyres are starting to grain, Hamilton has a problem with his suspension….

Jenson Button gaining on Bottas in P6.

Lap 49

Team-mate Alonso down in P12, with Hulkenberg closing the gap to him….

Hulkenberg – “I’m thinking of bailing out” he’s now started to struggle on the tyres…

Lap 51

 Hulkenberg coming into the pits, he’s taken his 5 second penalty and changed his tyres…

Lap 52

Rain has now cleared.

Bottas comes into the pits for a tyre change – onto the supersoft tyres.

Raikkonen closes the gap to Ricciardo – Ricciardo is struggling on his tyres.

Lap 53

Raikkonen still gaining on Ricciardo.

Hamilton being told  “Ok Lewis close the gap, it’s Hammer time

Lap 54

Hamilton now comes into the pits, they’ve given him first service for fresh tyres.

Lap 55

Rosberg now pits – he’s going onto the supersoft tyres, a better pit stop than Hamilton.

Lap 56

Verstappen leads the race, Rosberg still has the advantage over his team-mate as Hamilton lost time by going wide after coming back onto the track after his pit-stop.

Lap 57 

Mercedes drivers on different tyres, Rosberg on supersoft, Hamilton on soft.

Hamilton – “Why’s he on a softer tyre than me?

Team – “We think this option will get you to the end of the race.

Lap 58

 Raikkonen has now made his way past Ricciardo, he’s up into fourth place.

Ricciardo struggling on the tyres…

Verstappen on the same tyres since lap 15.

Lap 59 

Raikkonen has now set a personal best time….

Button in sixth place keeping Grosjean out of DRS range.

Verstappen laps Hulkenberg.

Lap 60 

Hamilton sets a fastest lap of the race, he’s closing the gap and has nearly set a new lap-time record.

Verstappen leads the race, on the same tyres – could he make the tyres last till the end of the race?

Rosberg closing the gap but Hamilton is catching him – quickly!

Lap 61

Rosberg now leads the Austrian Grand Prix after a battle with Verstappen, Hamilton behind Verstappen.

Lap 62

 Hamilton gets past Verstappen.

Raikkonen in fourth complaining about the blue flags and people not moving out of the way.

Lap 63 

Hamilton now charging for his team-mate, he’s gaining on this lap.

Button up into P5 – Ricciardo in P6 on fresh tyres, can he keep the Red Bull driver behind him?

Lap 64

Massa retires from the race – suffering a problem with his car, will update you when we have more details.

Lap 65 

Hamilton on a very fast lap.

Ricciardo just makes his way past Button.

Raikkonen behind Verstappen – not closing the gap as quickly.

Alonso retires from the race along with Hulkenberg – they’re saving their power units and this will also allow for gearbox changes (if needed) without any penalties.

Lap 67  – 5 Laps Remaining for the Austrian Grand Prix Live 

Verstappen still in P3 – Raikkonen not closing the gap, in fact he’s dropped further back.

Lap 68  

Hamilton now sets another fastest lap of the race, he’s closing the gap to his team-mate but has a lot traffic ahead.

Lap 69 

Hamilton late on the brakes, catching up to his team-mate and very, very close indeed.

Rosberg’s front left-tyre doesn’t look good – Hamilton’s tyres look absolutely fine!

Lap 71

Final Lap – it’s so close between the two drivers….

Rosberg hits Hamilton! Defending aggressively he turns into Hamilton’s car.

Rosberg has a tyre puncture and his front wing broke….. Hamilton now leads the race….

Hamilton wins the Austrian Grand Prix!

Verstappen in second, Raikkonen in third with Rosberg in fourth.

Hamilton – “I was on the outside, I was the one being pushed

All the driver reactions and interviews coming very soon!

The Formula 1 Girl 🙂



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