2019 Bahrain Grand Prix – QUALIFYING


2019 Bahrain Grand Prix – QUALIFYING

Race Weekend – 2019 Bahrain Gulf Air Grand Prix

Session – Qualifying

Location – Bahrain Grand Prix

The second race weekend is upon us and we’re now getting ready for the Qualifying session of the Bahrain Grand Prix with the Ferrari’s looking fast in FP2 and FP3 – will they be able to dominate qualifying or will Mercedes or Red Bull Racing claim pole position for the race tomorrow?

Take a look at some of the driver interviews throughout the weekend and what they had to say ahead of the race weekend.

Valtteri Bottas: “This is a great way to start the season and this weekend, we are starting from 0 and we need to keep the momentum going. It’s just one race but we will be looking to do our best.”

Lewis Hamilton: “This is the beginning of the season, it was a good race for him and this is a continuation for him (Bottas). I’m looking forward to seeing more good races from him so it’s exciting to see.’

Sebastian Vettel: “We saw the speed of Mercedes in the last race who were a lot more competitive than us, we on the other hand were less competitive and that’s why there was such a gap but we will do all we can…”

Charles Leclerc: “He’s extremely strong, he’s a 4x world champion (Vettel) which is a good benchmark for me and I’ll be fighting and trying to win races and stay in front of him…”

Max Verstappen: “I think it’s very important to have self belief – many people will try to work against you and I’m lucky to have my dad who knew how to handle things and I’m I think in this day and age, it’s good to feel confident about yourself.”

Drivers are now making their way to their garages before Qualifying and here, you can see what drivers have to say before Qualifying begins.

Max Verstappen: “We’re going to see how we go through Qualifying – at the moment, Ferrari is far too quick. We’ve made some adjustments which didn’t work so we’ll see what we can do. It will be tight and hopefully we can fight Mercedes but we’ll see.”

Q1 – 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying


The first car out on track is Robert Kubica.

Fernando Alonso is observing from the McLaren pit wall. Following his retirement from the sport last year, he’s now keeping things open saying “if there’s a special opportunity, I’d come back…”

There’s around 10 minutes of Qualifying, Ferrari and Mercedes are now on their out lap.

Leclerc now takes the fastest time – a second ahead of Bottas. Vettel now goes second fastest. Sebastian Vettel suffers quite a big lockup.

Whilst the majority of drivers are in the pits, Lewis Hamilton is making his way round the track – in clean air and a relatively clear track. He goes third fastest.

Leclerc and Vettel are the fastest two followed by Hamilton who’s ahead of his team-mate, for now!

Knock Out Zone – Q1






Drivers are now making their way back to the grid and getting their cars ready for Q2.

A surprise that Hulkenberg is out of Q1 – he looked stronger this weekend but didn’t manage to set a time to get through to Q2. Radioing his team and questioning the times.

As mentioned, drivers are now in their garages and getting ready for Q2.

Q2 – 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying


The pit lane has been open for a couple of minutes however no drivers are making their way out on track – yet.

Lewis Hamilton not the happiest about coming out behind other drivers.

Leclerc looking strong yet again and is at the top of the timesheets – Vettel on the other hand is 6th fastest at the moment.

The pressure is on Sebastian Vettel at the moment, he hasn’t handled the pressure all too well during Q1 and Q2 but we still have around 6 minutes to go and a lot can change!

Hamilton is in P2, Bottas in P3 – behind Leclerc.

Sebastian Vettel: “That was the worst spot ever” In terms of being behind other cars.

Team to Vettel: “OK, we are monitoring the situation.”

Q2 Knock Out Zone






Not the best result for Ricciardo however Vettel manages to get back up to P2 following his bad run earlier. Kimi Raikkonen also manages to make it into Q3 – in P10.

Gasly: “I can’t put the throttle down – it snaps”

Q3 – 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying

Drivers are now making their way out on track – Bottas is one of the first on track along with his team-mate.

Sebastian Vettel has gotten out of his car – he got out at the end of Q2 but hasn’t returned. Is there an issue with his car?

Bottas now goes first fastest – he’s on provisional pole. His team-mate, Lewis Hamilton now goes faster – he’s on provisional pole.

Charles Leclerc is now making his way round the circuit – he’s taken the fastest lap time.

Sebastian Vettel is now in his car and is getting ready to go out on track. Ferrari are looking strong – as they have done throughout the weekend.

Drivers are now making their way back to their garages before their final runs in Q3.

Sebastian Vettel now makes his way out on track – it’s his first run in Q3.

Vettel manages P2 – he HASN’T beaten his team-mate, Charles Leclerc in P1.


Leclerc Team Radio: “YES! Thank you guys – the car was amazing. Tomorrow is when we gather points, I’ll try and finish the job tomorrow.”

Sebastian Vettel congratulates Charles Leclerc who’s just gotten out of his car.

It’s Leclerc, Vettel and Hamilton who are the top 3 drivers for tomorrow’s race.

Charles Leclerc: “I’m extremely happy. Obviously, in the last race I made a few mistakes and now I have tried really hard to not make the mistakes and very happy with the front row lockout. It’s extremely hard when Seb is such an amazing driver, I’ve learnt a lot from him – today, I’m happy to be in front of him.”

Sebastian Vettel: “You have to make it to the end. Maybe I was a bit shy in the second sector but in the end, Charles did an amazing job and he deserves to be on pole. As I said, this is the main thing – we have got the job done and the car feels great so hopefully we can show this in the race tomorrow.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I really enjoyed qualifying and it’s great to see the progression over the weekend – especially with the Ferrari’s and this is the fun of the whole game. Tomorrow is the important day and we’re going to give them the fight – they’ve shown incredible pace but that doesn’t mean that we can’t beat them.”

Driver interviews and all the team feedback will be online this evening.

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