Watch Lewis Hamilton’s Qualifying Pole Lap – Singapore Grand Prix


Watch Lewis Hamilton’s Qualifying Pole Lap – Singapore Grand Prix

Wow – what a lap! Coming into this weekend, it looked like Ferrari were the ones to beat however, lewis Hamilton has delivered yet again with a stunning lap, claiming pole position for the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix leaving everyone pretty much speechless – including himself.

If you were watching Qualifying, you would have also seen Toto Wolff making a gesture to say that they hadn’t claimed pole position, thinking other drivers would beat the time set by Hamilton but miraculously – no one managed to improve on their last run in Q3.

Traditionally, this is a circuit which suits both Ferrari and Red Bull Racing and the latter have looked that little bit stronger throughout the weekend with Max Verstappen claiming P2 and Sebastian Vettel in P3.

You’ll be able to see the driver interviews (and press conference) online shortly but in the meantime, you can Lewis Hamilton’s onboard Qualifying Pole Lap in the video below.

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Tomorrow, it looks like we have a great race on our hands – hopefully the start will be clean and we’ll be able to see drivers battling and racing each other.
Lots more is on the way including interviews and photos so make sure you keep checking back for all the latest and hope you enjoy the wonderful lap video! 
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