Sebastian Vettel To Aston Martin


Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin

Speaking to Sky Sports, Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he was “close” to quitting Formula 1 before signing for Aston Martin (now Racing Point) for the 2021 season.

Whilst this is great news for Vettel fans around the world, this now leaves Sergio Perez without a seat in the sport for the next season – unless something happens.

The current Scuderia Ferrari driver is a four-time world champion and it’s easy to say that this season will be considered as his and Ferrari’s worst season we’ve seen.

Sebastian Vettel:”Ultimately, I have to put myself first – what’s best for me. What I have decided now is what I believe is best for me and I’m looking forward to proving that.”

“It was not an easy decision. There have been two main factors – one has obviously been believing in the ability of the team to do well and I think part of that is already proven by the track record this year. I believe there is more to come.”

“The second big one is what I want to do with my future. Whether it might be time to stop and do something else or time to keep going.”

“I have now made my decision, obviously everyone knows that but I think that I have more to give and I’m looking forward to working on a new task, in a new environment, new team, new spirit.”

“Some of the people I’ve known for a long time and looking forward to joining and working together, hopefully we could do good things.”

“I’m not just here to participate, not here to ‘be a Formula 1 driver’, not here to make money – I’m really here to achieve something…”

Will we be seeing a new, happier Sebastian Vettel from now? It certainly looks like he wants to take the team to another level so it’ll definitely be interesting to see how things work out for the 2021 season….

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