Sebastian Vettel: “I will always defend the team” – Singapore Grand Prix


Sebastian Vettel: “I will always defend the team” – Singapore Grand Prix

Italian GP and Singapore GP – these two races should have gone in Ferrari’s favour, suiting their car a lot more and traditionally where the team is strong however the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team powered their way through, getting everything right from Qualifying and with Lewis Hamilton now with a 40-point lead in the drivers championship battle.

Following the Singapore Grand Prix especially, you could see (and feel) the disappointment from the Scuderia Ferrari team along with a drained-looking Sebastian Vettel who faced the media following the race and below, you can see what he had to say about the weekend and the team.


Sebastian Vettel – Interview Singapore Grand Prix

“Mercedes got everything together yesterday – credit to them. On a track like this, we didn’t have a clean qualifying so it’s difficult to say where we could have been if things had gone our way.”

“I don’t think that we were chanceless, I think we could have gone a lot quicker and a lot faster than we did. We didn’t do it so we had to try something from third but unfortunately, we couldn’t make up any ground.”

“Looking back now, maybe there is something we could have done better. At the time, I’m sure we saw – for me, it’s different in the car as I can’t see everything but then I got the call to the box and that’s what we went for.”

“I was happy and confident, we needed a mega out lap and I did but it just wasn’t enough – I think it’s pretty obvious what we tried to do and it didn’t work. We just got ourselves into trouble with the car and then I had to pass on-track.”

“Red Bull did very well to react and jump us – it wasn’t much that was missing but enough and after that for us with those, I think the main priority was to make it to the finish.”

“The strategy was to get ahead of Lewis which obviously didn’t work and then it was a pity that we lost the second place. After that, the main focus was on defending third position and I wasn’t very confident that we could make it to the end but fortunately, we did.”

“We were aggressive trying to get ahead and that came back to bite us. I will always defend the team – I think the decisions we took  on the race, the decision to try and be aggressive, if it works – great but today, it didn’t work by quite a bit so we need to look into that.”

“I believe that we saw something and we went for it. We were aggressive trying to get ahead but taking that into account – you also have to go through traffic and we also lost out on second place.”

The championship battle now continues – we have 6 races left until the end of the season and the next race will be in Russia at the Sochi Autodrom. Mercedes have won all 4 races to this date with Bottas being a strong contender at this one.

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