Sebastian Vettel: “I have to tell myself, maybe it’s over”


Sebastian Vettel Speaking To Media: “Maybe It’s Over”

The past week, we’ve heard more and more about Sebastian Vettel and his future in Formula 1 – speaking yesterday (in this post here) he said there were ‘loose talks’ between him and certain teams.

Today, the driver has been speaking to Next Gen Auto about his future which now looks even more uncertain.

Sebastian Vettel: “I always get along well with them (Red Bull) and very well with Helmut Marko, I just asked him for advice. I’ve never asked him ‘Helmut do you have a place for me?’ That’s not how it works.”

“I have to be quite honest with myself and tell myself that maybe it’s over. Or that I have to leave it for a year. Anything is possible for now and I don’t see why I should have pressure from the outside for this.”

“If there’s a reasonable opportunity, I’m interested. If not, I won’t take it – I’m going to finish this season definitely and from there, we will see.”

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