Sebastian Vettel: “I Just Didn’t Have A Chance…” British GP


Sebastian Vettel On The British GP

Since the announcement that Sebastian Vettel won’t be driving for Ferrari in the 2021 season, ‘somehow’, things have gone from bad to worse for the driver.

This could easily be classed as one of the worst seasons for the driver and following on from the 2020 British Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel spoke to the media.

Sharing his thoughts on the race and car performance, explaining the race and lack of power.

For us as fans of the sport, when you see that there’s such a difference between team-mates (Leclerc was on the podium) it’s natural to say that something doesn’t look quite right….

Sebastian Vettel: “The result was very poor but that car was very difficult to drive. I struggled to find the confidence and I don’t know why – we need to have a good look.”

“I struggled for so many laps in the race and it was from the beginning to the end, there’s something that probably doesn’t stack up.”

“It was not a stressful race – I just didn’t have a chance! People around me were faster than me and I got overtaken.”

“It was very difficult…… to stay on track, so basically, it was not a tough race at all because I could never attack – the car didn’t allow me to do what I like.”

“Now, we need to have a look why and we obviously have the next weekend so we can try and do better.”

Vettel continued: “On paper, both the cars are pretty similar so it’s not the setup. If you look around the lap, there’s not one place where I’m maybe driving poorly – it seems to be the whole lap where I’m losing time.”

A disappointing result for Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel – it really is a shame to see and like I mentioned above, it’s strange to see such a big performance difference between team-mates.

Ferrari – what’s happening?

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