Sebastian Vettel Hits Wall In FP2 But Says: “We can recover” – 2018 Singapore Grand Prix


Sebastian Vettel Hits Wall In FP2 But Says: “We can recover” – 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

Another race weekend and another unfortunate incident for the Scuderia Ferrari driver who hit the wall during FP2 – luckily it happened in Free Practice and not in Qualifying otherwise, it would be an extremely difficult weekend for him and the team.

Traditionally, Singapore is a circuit which Sebastian Vettel loves and normally does well at (ignoring the huge accident at the start of last year’s race) even looking back to his Red Bull Racing days however at the moment, he’s not topping the timesheets.

This is the start of the weekend though and we have Qualifying to look forward to which is normally where Ferrari ‘up’ their game but below, you can see what Sebastian Vettel had to say following the incident (hitting the wall) and how he’s looking forward to the weekend and how tomorrow he “should be in a better place”.

Sebastian Vettel: “The bad was obviously the touch to the wall which made the session come to the end. Obviously there was a bit more than just a kiss – then we took precaution and decided not to run.”

“We lost time which isn’t ideal but nevertheless, I think I’ve got a good feel for the car and thankfully, I’ve been here before so I know the track. Tomorrow, I think it will be key to find the right balance and feel the car a little bit better than this evening – then we should be fine.”

“I think I tried a little bit too hard and we lost some time but overall, the car is working and I think that we can improve it from where it was so it’s not where I want to be but I think that for tomorrow, we should be in a better place.”

Sebastian Vettel Incident – VIDEO

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