“They’re stealing the race from us”: Sebastian Vettel Canadian Grand Prix

“They’re Stealing The Race From Us” : Sebastian Vettel Canadian Grand Prix

Wow, Wow and WOW! There’s a reason that the Canadian Grand Prix ranks so highly with fans and drivers alike however this is a race we won’t be forgetting any time soon as drama unfolded towards the latter part of the race.

As you may have seen in the LIVE Canadian Grand Prix Updates – the battle between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton was close, very close, throughout most of the race. 

It was a split second move that changed everything in the race and of course – the result after too.

Sebastian Vettel had a little mis-hap, going off-track, over the grass and rejoining the circuit – just missing Lewis Hamilton, who was very quick on the brakes and in turn, avoiding an accident / coming into contact with the wall.
(See picture below).

I know a lot of people won’t agree however I think it’s little things like this which show that Vettel cracks under pressure. If he had rejoined the track without closing the gap as much as he did or if he had slowed down slightly – he may (may) have gotten away with the move.

Also mentioning that he did in fact see Hamilton shows that he was aware of what could have potentially happened. It could have been a disaster for both cars and drivers.

This resulted in a five-second penalty from the stewards and his penalty was enough for Lewis Hamilton to win the Canadian Grand Prix – despite not being in P1.

It wasn’t just the move that caused mayhem across social media – no, it was the way that Vettel conducted himself after.

Coming onto the radio and saying to his team “When you go off track and come back on the grid with no grip – where the hell am I meant to go?” Continuing: “……they’re stealing the race from us…!

Some people will say that it was the adrenaline from the moment and I’ll accept that. We all know that drivers come onto the radio throughout the race when incidents like this happen however – this continued.

Vettel returned to the pits, stopped his car, parked his car and then got out to wheel it back – not parking in Parc Ferme, in what looked like a boycott to the post-race interviews. 

Whilst he didn’t attend the post-race interviews with Martin Brundle, there was mention in the paddock that Sebastian Vettel’s PR Manager an Ferrari urged him to go to the podium ceremony to avoid any further penalties being given. 

This is where people are split. As he made his way to the podium, he stopped and changed the position boards – moving the #1 from Hamilton’s car to the position where his car should have been parked and taking the #2 board, placing it in front the Mercedes.


This is where I think maybe, just maybe, Sebastian Vettel went too far. Of course, we would all react in different ways however I don’t think we’d see this from Hamilton, Leclerc, Bottas or Verstappen for that matter.

We saw a nice gesture from Lewis Hamilton on the podium – inviting Sebastian Vettel to the top podium (P1) however when Martin Brundle finally caught up with Sebastian Vettel, halfway through the interview, he walked away.

Of course, this is motorsport. Drivers will always be faced with situations like this – good and bad.  It’s how a driver deals with things overall and how they come back which makes the difference.

Whilst it’s good to see a reaction from drivers, I do think there’s a limit and respect which should always be in place.

Lewis Hamilton did his job – he was in the right place and took the win, driving a great race overall. The booing which comes from the fans is quite disrespectful and I liked seeing that both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton addressed this – with Vettel adding the booing should be aimed at the stewards, not Lewis. 

It’ll be exciting to see what we hear following this and I have already seen the press conference so hopefully, I’ll be able to share this with you shortly so make sure you check back for all the latest!

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