Sebastian Vettel: “There’s a bit more in the car” 2019 Japan Grand Prix


Sebastian Vettel: “There’s a bit more in the car” 2019 Japan Grand Prix

This weekend has been, slightly different shall we say?

If the weather is OK and conditions are safe for the drivers, we will have Qualifying taking place tomorrow (UK 2AM), on the same day as the race which is different with what everyone is used to.

How will the conditions be? How will the drivers be feeling with the short gap between Qualifying and Race?

One thing is for sure, Sebastian Vettel looks motivated and is ready to take the race as it comes, despite Mercedes looking dominant in Suzuka during Practice.

Sebastian Vettel: “Maybe the other cars are different, maybe ours is the same – it just depends on which way you look at things. We saw that Mercedes was very fast and they looked comfortable right from the start.”

“I don’t know if they (Mercedes) made a step forward or if it’s the track that suits them more than other tracks. There’s a lot of things to consider and I think the we can improve – we need to see where we are on Sunday morning.”

“Hopefully, with the skill and commitment, rather than the data and computers, we can challenge and do our best. I think there’s a bit of a margin as it (practices) was not the best day for us – so, there’s a bit more in the car.”

“We need to be honest – Mercedes were very quick (during practices) and every time they went out on track, they just looked comfortable. Red Bull as well! I think it will be tight, I expect them both to be very strong on Sunday morning as well.”

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