RedBull Unveils 2019 F1 Car – RB15 (One-off Livery)


RedBull Unveils 2019 F1 Car – RB15

As soon as RedBull Racing shared a preview of their ‘2019 livery’ – fans went into a craze. Some loved the design, others not so much however for those who wanted the livery to remain for the 2019 Formula 1 season, it won’t….

Despite this being a launch for the RedBull 2019 F1 car – the livery is a one-off and won’t be seen for the new season. I do question why they do that….

Anyway, getting back to the subject, the Aston Martin red Bull Racing team launched the RB15 with it’s debut on track at Silverstone yesterday along with the Honda-powered engine.

Completing just over 30 laps at Silverstone, you can see what both RedBull Racing drivers, Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly, had to say about the car.

Max Verstappen: “The car looks cool – the livery is beautiful, even though it’s only for today! I was really excited to jump in the car and as soon as we got going, it felt pretty normal. It felt good and we had no problems so I’m very happy with that.”

“Of course, today it’s a filming day – so, there’s a limited amount you can get out of it but it’s really important to have a day like this – before you go to the official tests. You get the first impression and you see if there are any little issues with the car or engine. Luckily, today we had a positive day and now we can go to testing properly.”

“We’ll see what what we can get out of that and we’ll be able to understand the car and the engine a bit better – so far, so good!”


Pierre Gasly: “I think the car looks amazing – Red bull always brings some amazing one-off liveries to it’s car launches and this is definitely one of the best. It’s the start of a new story for the team with Honda and so far, it’s gone really well.”

“Now, I can’t wait to be in Max’s position next week and to properly feel what the car is like. For me, the winter break has been pretty long – waiting to really start work with Aston martin Red Bull Racing has been something I’ve been dreaming about so I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel in Barcelona next week.”

Christian Horner: “It’s always great to see a new car take it’s first run. RB15 is our first car with a Honda power-unit and it’s looks resplendent in it’s one-off livery here at Silverstone.”

“Of course, today is all about filming but it’s also a really valuable opportunity to check that all the systems work and that the car is fundamentally in good shape before we head to Barcelona next week where hopefully – it will be a bit warmer!”

“Now, we’ve got eight days of testing ahead and it’s important that we maximise track time and get as much out of that process as possible prior to the first race of the new season in Melbourne.”


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