Location: Montreal, Canada

Weekend: 2018 Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix is where we normally see overtakes and action, especially when compared to Monaco, however this year – we didn’t see a lot in terms of overtaking but we know that drivers had to manage their cars, along with some drivers managing issues.

Throughout the weekend, Red Bull Racing looked strong and they put the pressure on both Ferrari and Mercedes however couldn’t quite reach the pace of Sebastian Vettel who lead from the start and completely controlled the race.

In the first lap, Stroll and Hartley came together following a collision which has now been put down to a racing incident – Hartley, following the collision, was taken to hospital for head scans and overall check and has since been given the all-clear.

With Canada being dubbed the “Lewis Hamilton track” – he had to manage issues on his car meaning he couldn’t put the pressure on Ricciardo as much as he would have liked saying: “I’m lucky to have finished the race….”

Fernando Alonso, on his 300th GP, was told to retire the car and when looking on the onboard footage, looked like there was a lack of power – disappointing for the driver who’s now competing in Le Mans too.

Overall, it was a good (not great) race in terms of overtaking and action however, this is Formula 1 and we all love the sport!

FERRARI – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel – P1

Sebastian Vettel: “This win is very important for our tifosi and for our team, today is a special day. 40 years ago Gilles won here, then 14 years ago it was Michael and I was thinking of that today.”

“At the start I tried to build up a margin, I was happy with my first lap and then the safety car came out and I had to start over again.”

“During my last 10 laps I prayed that my car would not develop a problem until the end! Points are always important but today this win means a lot and not just in terms of Championship.”

“The season is still so long and there are many races ahead. The main thing is that our car is strong and stays like that, so that we can fight.”

Kimi Raikkonen – P6

Kimi Raikkonen: “Yesterday’s mistake in qualifying did not put ourselves in a good position for the race. Overtaking was very difficult here; I tried to get ahead of Hamilton after my pit stop, but it did not work out.”

“Then It was even difficult to get close enough to him to open the DRS. It was a surprise, because on this track you would expect to see overtaking and fights, instead it was a similar story to two weeks ago in Monaco.”

“The race was boring and not much happened. We decided to stay out a little bit longer on our first set of tyres and I don’t think that cost us any position: it was our only option to try something different.”

Maurizio Arrivabene: “Without a doubt, today’s win is down to a very good car and a great drive from Seb. The team, both at the track and back in Maranello, has worked hard and methodically, preparing the car, which right from Saturday’s qualifying proved to be very quick.”

“The tyres responded very well to the strategies we devised. It’s a shame that Kimi’s mistake in qualifying affected his whole race.”

“There is still a long way to go in the championship and we have to continue giving it our all. I take this opportunity to thank our fans and customers who never fail to show us their support and our sponsors and technical partners, especially Shell, for their support in our development programme.”

Mercedes – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix 

Valtteri Bottas – P2

Valtteri Bottas: “We tried everything we could but I don’t think that we had a chance to really fight for the win today – I had an exciting start to the race, when I was defending second place as hard as I could. I was on the outside in Turn 1, trying to carry a lot of speed to be on the inside for the line of Turn 2.”

“I went wheel to wheel with Max, we fought hard, but it was all fair and I was just happy that I managed that today to stay ahead of him. After that, I was trying to put pressure on Sebastian but didn’t have enough pace – I backed off to save some fuel which is why Max got so close towards the end.”

“We were the only team that didn’t bring an upgrade of this race, everyone else has improved on their power unit and hopefully with the introduction in France, we can fight with Ferrari and Red Bull.”

Lewis Hamilton – P5

Lewis Hamilton: “It was a tough day in the office but I’m just grateful that I finished today’s race and scored some points. From the start, I was down on power and my engine was overheating – I couldn’t get the temperatures down so I just thought I was going to fail.”

“Every single lap, I was waiting for the power to drop away and disappear but it didn’t, it just kept going and going….. I could have lost a lot more points and it could have been a lot worse.”

“The guys are all working really hard but each and every one os us can always do better and improve – we will keep our heads down, keep pushing and stay positive.”

Toto Wolff: “This has been a tricky weekend for us, with Ferrari showing that they have the quickest car in Qualifying and in the race. We came to Montreal expecting to perform strongly and today’s result is a further lesson.”

We now need to reflect in the right way ad understand where we can find more performance and respond in Paul Ricard in two weeks’ time.”

Red Bull Racing – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix 

Max Verstappen – P3

Max Verstappen: “The whole weekend we were very competitive and in the race, with the tyres we had – I think we managed to maximise the strategy and we were all very happy with the result.”

“Every single race weekend, you go by and you try to win and here practice has been good – Qualifying has been positive and the race went well.”

“Of course, we’re all pleased with that and we come away with a podium, challenging for second at the end of this track which isn’t ideal but it is a positive.”

“When you feel confident in the car, you can do a good job and during the race, I think we managed the car in the best way possible and on the Hypersoft.”

“I don’t think we can challenge for victories on every track, it just all depends on how long the straights are but for now, I’m looking forward to the next races.”

Daniel Ricciardo – P6


Daniel Ricciardo: “It was actually a pretty good day and I don’t think we could have done much more. I know it’s fourth but I’m actually happy. Starting sixth, I don’t know how much to expect on this track as the reality is that it’s not easy to overtake around here anymore.”

“I’m really happy with what the team did, we went for the Hypersoft knowing it was more aggressive and we knew that we had to maximise the tyre at the beginning of the race which is what we did – we got Kimi at the start and then a nice overcut on Lewis.”

“It’s probably the first time in a while that we have gained really good team points and it’s a good weekend in that perspective and also good for Max. I’m looking at the positives (laughs) we also took points from lewis, so – we’re still int the Championship and last thing, it’s my mum’s birthday so…. Happy Birthday Mum!”

McLaren – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso – DNF

(Broken charge air cooler pipe)


Fernando Alonso: “The race was fun at the beginning, especially after the restart, when we overtook three cars in two corners. Then, halfway through the race – I felt a loos of power and was told to retire.”

It’s sad, it’s frustrating and I’m disappointed with the result – we weren’t competitive this weekend and we need to find more performance in the car and to become competitive. Reliability is also an issue and we saw at the beginning of the year how many points we scored and now, how many we have lost in the last two races.”

“There are a few areas of the car that we need to keep working on and improving and we’ll see what happens in the next couple of months.”

“I’m flying tonight to France and tomorrow, I need to be at Le Mans – it will be a busy Monday and a new experience and I’m looking forward to it.”

Stoffel Vandoorne – P16


Stoffel Vandoorne: “I think we were extremely unlucky from the start today – we had a good launch off the grid but with the accident that happened, there was so much debris and it was impossible t avoid.”

“We had a front-right puncture and we basically ran out of tyres before we already really started the race so it was a difficult day. A big piece of debris went under the car so we were forced to pit on the first lap and lost time….”

“On a personal note, on my side – it’s been very positive in terms of the progression we made. The disappointing thing is our qualifying performance as a while – we knew that before coming here and unfortunately it was confirmed.”

“We have a lot of work to get ahead and it’s hard to tell how the next few races will be for us – we have to wait and see. Paul Ricard will be a new track for everyone and then Austria, then Silverstone – a busy couple of weeks but I’m looking forward to it and hopefully have some better luck.”

Photos – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix

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