Qualifying: 2019 Canadian Grand Prix



Race Weekend: Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix Du Canada 2019

Circuit: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

The Canadian Grand Prix is a popular race weekend and loved by both drivers and viewers alike! Known for it’s challenging circuit, not to mention the wall of champions – it’s a weekend where like Monaco, anything can happen.

This weekend and through Practices, we’ve seen both the Mercedes and Ferrari showing potential and in FP3, Ferrari looked like they have the upper hand but all remains to be seen in Qualifying where drivers push their cars to the limits!

NEWSLance Stroll had a big problem earlier with the new PU (Power Unit) – flames coming out the car. The team is now working on his car and hopefully ready in time for Qualifying.

In the meantime, take a look at the Canadian Driver Press Conference featuring Kimi Raikkonen, Lance Stroll, Lando Norris, Daniil Kvyat and Lewis Hamilton who chat about the weekend ahead.



We’re now getting ready for the Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying session – it’s a lovely day, the sun is shining and drivers are now in the garages, getting ready.


The lights go green and the pit-lane is now open for cars to come out on the track. No drivers have made an appearance yet – it’s the waiting game.

There’s quite a lot of dust on the track and cars / teams are looking to avoid this…

Kubica is the first driver coming out onto the track.

Lance Stroll is another driver who’s out on track now following the disaster with the engine earlier.

At the moment, with the mid-field teams, Lando Norris has topped the timesheets. He’s looking quite confident at this track which is nice to see from McLaren.

The two Mercedes’ drivers have come out on track – Hamilton and Bottas currently on their out laps.

Leclerc now sets the fastest lap time with his team-mate, Vettel, in P2. Leclerc looking confident this weekend following the awful result in Monaco.

Lewis Hamilton now in P3 – it’s his first lap round the circuit. Bottas in P4. Have Ferrari got more pace?

At the moment, Vettel can’t set a time faster than his team-mate. It’s Leclerc at the top of the timesheets.

Now, Lewis Hamilton goes second fastest – as I’m writing, Bottas goes fastest overall!

With 4 minutes left until the end of Q1, Vettel goes fastest followed by Leclerc in P2 – times are constantly changing and it’s good to see the top drivers this close.

There’s just 2 minutes left until the end of Q1. Lewis Hamilton comes into the pits.

See the drivers who are out of Q1 below.

Knock Out Zone – Q1







Drivers are now all back in the garages and getting ready for Q2. The sun is shining and it’s a lovely day as mentioned.

Things are looking close between the top teams – especially between Merc and Ferrari with the addition of Red Bull Racing who are just adding that extra pressure.

Did you know? Stroll has been knocked out of Q1 for 11 consecutive races.

Q2 – 2019 Canadian Grand Prix

Drivers are now making their way out on track – Ferrari are one of the first team out on the circuit.

Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap time – for now. Bottas has a bad lap, saving his car and aborting the previous lap. He’s now going for his lap.

Charles Leclerc has also had a little moment – just saving his car too!

Sebastian Vettel now sets the fastest lap time of 1:11.309 – it’s close between Ferrari and Mercedes. Just what we want to see.

Where Red Bull Racing looked quite fast during Q1 – they’re now lacking with Verstappen down in P10 and in the ‘knock-out zone’.

Verstappen: “Unbelievable – so many cars on track and now I have no grip….”

Hamilton now back at the top of the timesheets – he’s set a time of 1:10.010

It’s now Hamilton and Vettel at the top of the time-sheets with Vettel in P3, Gasly and Leclerc (P5) – it’s close!

A big crash for Magnussen! SESSION STOPPED

Disaster for Max Verstappen too – he’s out of Q2 and looked like he was on a great lap.

Knock-Out Zone – Q2







Drivers are now back in the garages – there could be a delay for the track to get cleared.

Unfortunate for Romain Grosjean too who also looked like he was on a great lap time.

There’s a little bit of a delay until the track gets cleared.

Q3 – 2019 Canadian Grand Prix

It’s close between the top teams – Hamilton is currently on provisional pole!

Ferrari are right behind and there’s a spin for Bottas! Oh dear…. the team radioing and questioning how his tyres are.

It’s Hamilton, Vettel and Leclerc who are currently the top 3 drivers. Hulkenberg up in P4 – for now!

There’s just 2 minutes to go until the end of Qualifying and it’s close between the Mercedes and Ferrari drivers so this should be good!

At the moment, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are close on their times. Leclerc slightly behind but all this could change throughout.


Hamilton in P2, Leclerc in P3, Ricciardo in P4, Gasly in P5, Bottas in P6, Hulkenberg in P7, Norris in P8, Sainz in P9 and Magnussen in P10 – however he’s out of the race due to the incident in Q2.

Team to Hamilton: “It’s P2 mate.”

Hamilton: “Sorry about that guys….”

 We’re in for a wonderful race tomorrow and it’s going to be close!


Sebastian Vettel: “I’m full of adrenaline and you can feel the grip and you just go for it. That’s one of those laps – yeah, very happy! Today the car was a lot better and we managed it all ok today. It was a good day, we know that these guys will be quick tomorrow.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I don’t feel disappointed. They (Ferrari) were just quicker. Everything in our car was just great but this is how racing should be and just that I can split the Ferrari’s – it’s great.”

Charles Leclerc: “To be honest I didn’t follow the track great and I don’t think I had the best setup. I struggled today and he (Vettel) completely deserves it so it’s going to be a fun race tomorrow. We were quite strong on the long-run pace and hopefully tomorrow we ca have a good race!”

There’s lots more on the way this evening so make sure you check back for all the latest!

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