Mercedes Steering Wheel F1 2020


Mercedes Steering Wheel F1 2020

It’s no surprise that all eyes are on the World Championship winning team during pre-season testing, also known as the Silver Arrows, Mercedes have found themselves in the spotlight – not for their times but for their steering wheel!

Today, during testing, the team attracted attention following onboard videos of Lewis Hamilton taking the car round the track on Day 2 of pre-season testing.

The footage (click here) shows Hamilton’s steering wheel moving which affects the alignment of the front wheels.

Considered to be a “game changer” – Hamilton is seen pulling the wheel out whilst driving down the straights and pushing the wheel back, just before the corner, which adjusts the wheel settings.

A lot of people questioned the “dual axis steering” however the team are confident that they’re within the rules.

Mercedes Steering Wheel F1 2020 – The Benefits

Of course, this is pre-season testing so we won’t be seeing the full potential from cars (and teams) however if this mechanism works in the way Mercedes would like – the tyres will be heated evenly across their width.

This would mean less blistering and allowing the driver to balance the car and look after their tyres much more.

As mentioned, we haven’t seen any of the full potential from the cars and this mechanism is something that we’ll be seeing much more of over the next few days.

One thing that we all know is that whilst their car may look the same as last year, the technology has advanced and it’ll be interesting to see how this benefits the team and what other teams will do.

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