Maurizio Arrivabene Leaves Ferrari, Mattia Binotto Becomes Team Principal


Maurizio Arrivabene Leave Ferrari with Mattia Binotto Stepping In As Team Principal

There’s many, many sources suggesting that Ferrari sacked Maurizio Arrivabene as Team Principal but in the official statement which was released by Ferrari, it states that “the decision was taken together with the company’s top management….”

Many of us were expecting something like this to happen, it’s Ferrari’s nature to make changes when the targets aren’t being met and this year, it seems like the team are making big changes within the team and management overall – in the hope of securing the Drivers and Constructor’s Championship for the 2019 Formula 1 season.

Replacing Maurizio Arrivabene is Mattia Binotto and though The Formula Girl, within our group, a reader (who I won’t name but hopefully will understand who they are 🙂 ) actually mentioned many months ago that Mattia Binotto was likely to become Team Principal – in favour of the switch.

It’s all very exciting at the moment and all the teams are currently hard at work – along with a surprise from Sauber with reports saying that they’ve been working on the 2019 car by starting early.

Below, you can read the full statement from Ferrari.

Scuderia Ferrari Announcement:  After four years of untiring commitment and dedication, Maurizio Arrivabene is leaving the team. The decision was taken together with the company’s top management after lengthy discussions related to Maurizio’s long term personal interests as well as those of the team itself.Ferrari would like to thank Maurizio for his valuable contribution to the team’s increasing competiveness over the past few years, and wish him the best for his future endeavours.

With immediate effect, Mattia Binotto will take over as Scuderia Ferrari’s Team Principal. All technical areas will continue to report directly to Mattia.

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