Mattia Binotto: “We have tried to raise the bar”


Mattia Binotto: “We have tried to raise the bar”

Following the launch of the Scuderia Ferrari 2019 Formula 1 car, the SF90 – we’re all now eagerly awaiting testing to start to see all the cars out on track.

Even though you can’t count on testing for actual result – it’s always good to see how teams perform and handle the sessions surrounding any issues which may occur.

Personally, I thought we’d be seeing a much stronger ‘vibe’ from Ferrari in terms of how they think the season will go. Mattia Binotto has a much calmer approach to how he interacts with the media and how he talks about Ferrari but despite this – they could be downplaying what they expect to achieve for the 2019 season and this makes everything that bit more fun…

Following the launch, Team Principal Mattia Binotto had the following to say: “The car we presented is an evolution of the 2019 car and the reason is because the 2018 car was already a great car. It was not strong enough to win at the end but it was a good baseline.”

“We have tried to raise the bar, to be even further and more aggressive – trying to adapt ourselves to the new aero regulations which have been a gamechanger for the season.”

“It’s not a revolution, it’s step-by-step and we will try and learn from the past to adapt and to somehow try to address all the issues we have got to try and make sure we’re ready for the new season.”

“Sebastian Vettel is a very experienced driver, he has won championships and he knows what is necessary to win – it is my task to put him in the proper conditions to do the job. I’m expecting a lot from him, no doubt, as he is from himself.”

“Charles on the other hand is a very young driver. I can’t remember the past of Ferrari having such a young driver in our line-up but there will be much to learn for him at the start. He’s got a good reference and I think Sebastian will be a good reference for him.”