LIVE 2019 Chinese Grand Prix


Location: China

It’s the race weekend and this time, we’re in China for the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix. We have Valtteri Bottas on pole following his great Qualifying session yesterday with his team-mate, Lewis Hamilton, right behind – along with a determined Scuderia Ferrari driver, Sebastian Vettel.

As we’re getting ready for the race, drivers are now making their way out onto the circuit for the track parade – things seem relaxed and the weather conditions are OK for China. We know how the weather can be here…


The drivers are now on-track for the national anthem.

The grid is busy as always however there’s a relaxed feeling. Drivers are getting ready for the race and focusing on the essential start.


As you can see, the Ferrari crew are getting Vettel’s car as ready as possible ahead of the formation lap – the team and driver are determined to do well for this race and to show that they do have pace. What will happen? Will have to wait and see….

Drivers are now getting ready for the formation lap.




The drivers are now making their way round the circuit – getting their cars as prepared as they can for the race start. Drivers are all focused and making their way round the track.

Lining up on the grid, we have the wait.

Lap 1

Wow! What a great start for Lewis Hamilton who manages to make his way past his team-mate and claims the lead. A great start for the driver and a great start for Charles Leclerc too! He manages to make his way past his team-mate!

A big incident for Kvyat and Norris – Kvyat hits Norris, sending him airbourne!


Lap 2

As drivers begin to ‘settle’ we’re getting ready for plenty of battles throughout as it’s quite close for all the drivers – Lewis Hamilton on the other hand is making his way into the distance…

Lap 4

Leclerc leading his team-mate, there’s going to be tension between the two. Leclerc doesn’t want to give up his place and Vettel is right behind his team-mate but not as strong as he would like…

Lap 7

A lock-up for Kvyat who’s also handed with a drive-through penalty for the race incident between him and Norris. Norris’ race has been compromised by this…

Lap 8

The battle between Ferrari drivers continues – Leclerc not happy to give up his place to Vettel.

Lap 10

There’s a call being made – that’s right, a call from Ferrari to Leclerc to let his team-mate past. Vettel now has the ‘go-ahead’ and makes his way past…

Lap 15

Charles Leclerc: “I’m losing quite a lot of time…. I don’t know if you know that or not…”

Leclerc obviously not happy with the decision from Ferrrari. Vettel not making much of a clearance and still has his team-mate right behind. He hasn’t taken advantage of the clean air to benefit his race overall.

Lap 17

Nico Hulkenberg behing told to retire the car – he’s OUT of the race.

A great race for Kimi Raikkonen though, he’s in the top 10 and taking the team to a good position…

Lap 25

Both Mercedes have come into the pits and it’s looking good for the Mercedes team. Hamilton still leading the race and looking comfortable in the car. Valtteri Bottas also looking strong – this is a good race for the team so far.


Lap 29

Kimi Raikkonen making constant progress – he’s having a good race and makes his way past Grosjean for 9th place.

Lap 39

Lewis Hamilton: “Who has the fastest lap?” Asking his team.

Team to Hamilton: “Valtteri, it seems like Valtteri has the fastest lap…”

Lap 41

The battle continues for the Ferrari drivers – Leclerc not entirely happy with the decision of his team.

Lap 43

The race continues with Hamilton in the lead. There’s been ongoing battles between Vettel, Leclerc and Verstappen – Red Bull putting the pressure on Ferrari. At the moment, Ferrari are racing Red Bull – not Mercedes at the moment…

Vettel now has the fastest lap.

Lap 49

Lewis Hamilton: “Is Valtteri under pressure?”


Lap 51

Leclerc reporting a problem with his car – he should have been closing the gap to Verstappen however at the moment, he’s not. The team have told him “we’re looking into it…..”

Lap 53

Lando Norris now retires from the race – his race started in a terrible way following the impact with Kvyat. Hulkenberg has also retired, along with Kvyat too.

Ferrari telling Leclerc that “everything seems OK” and to “keep pushing…”

Lap 54

Lewis Hamilton still leading the race – Sebastian Vettel retains the fastest lap award too!

There’s little battles for the backmarkers – Albon battling and doing well too.

Lap 56


Lewis Hamilton making his way round the track. He’s maintaining the pace and bringing the car home for the last few laps…

LEWIS HAMILTON WINS the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

It’s the 6th win in China for Lewis Hamilton. A 1-2 for Mercedes with Valtteri Bottas in P2.

Sebastian Vettel in P3 – this is his FIRST podium this season!

Alexander Albon gets his first points finish in P10.

Pierre Gasly gets the fastest lap award.



Lewis Hamilton: “It’s not been the most straightforward of weekends. We came here and we didn’t know where we would stand as the Ferrari’s have been really quick all weekend. Well done to Valtteri too – he had a great weekend but the start today was where it all came through.”

“Our strategists have been working so hard and have been keeping things on point. I’m so excited for the next few races – thank you to #TeamLH too who have been so supportive. Thank you to everyone – I’m just so happy.”

Valtteri Bottas: “I think I lost things at the start. The first stint, I couldn’t follow with the dirty air. My wheels spun on the white line and this is how it is. It’s early days in the season and things are looking good – I’m happy for the team.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I’m happy to be on the podium and we tried to stick with them but we couldn’t. I had a race with Max which was fun but we had tried to keep up with them and we couldn’t today. I knew that Max will try to battle in the race and I had a moment but it worked.”

“Well done to Lewis and Valtteri – we would have loved to have been a bit faster. I felt like I could go faster when I went by Leclerc and I think it’s fair. I made a couple of mistakes and that’s where I lost the advantage and we have plenty of homework to do. It’s a good result but not a great result.”

Lots more on the way this afternoon so make sure you check back for all the latest!

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