Race Weekend: 2018 United States Grand Prix

Location: COTA, United States

It’s another race weekend and we’re getting ready for the United States Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton could win the championship but with Ferrari looking a lot stronger yesterday during Qualifying, we should have a good race on our hands.

The sun is shining and it looks like it’s going to be a dry race for the United States Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen: “I’m sure there will be a lot of chances in the race and we will be doing our best.”

Max Verstappen has picked up a 5-place grid penalty following the damage on his car yesterday, he had a gearbox change as a precaution.

Sebastian Vettel: “We are starting further back – it’s good to see the crowd already fired up and it’s going to be a good race. We as a team – me and Kimi are both a part of the team and we both drive for Ferrari so it’s good to see that we have the pace and we have a quick car so we will see what we can do. I enjoy it here and the people and the crowd are amazing – we like coming here.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Every day is a special day – I haven’t felt the need to block anything out and considering we’re here in the USA, it’s a great track. I’ve never stood and seen the track like this before, I hope everyone has a good day and a good race, it’s such a beautiful track.”

“The Americans make the place great – the food is great, the music is great and every day that you wake up and the sun is shining – there’s always so much potential so I’ll give it everything.”

Valtteri Bottas: “My job is to do everything I can to get the maximum points for us as a team – we want to be a 1-2 and I’m going to be looking ahead and attacking rather than looking behind.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “I’ve been moving a little slow this morning – it’s been a fun week and the next hour or two will be good. I’m excited, I’m ready for a good day and I’m hoping that it’s a good one for all the fans. Food and music get me excited so I love it here – it’s awesome and you can’t find that atmosphere everywhere.”

“I’m gonna start inside, I tell you – Valtteri better be looking in his mirrors, I’m coming for him…”

Sebastian Vettel: “We are now starting to understand things with the car – we went back but we now seem to be in a better place. It all depends for the start – in Japan, things worked pretty well after Max but it’s not like I tried something that wasn’t possible. We start a little bit further back and we have other cars but the target is to get through – the race is long so we’ll see.”

  • Lewis Hamilton needs to outscore Sebastian Vettel by 8 points to win the world title. 


Drivers are now making their way to their cars ahead of the United States Grand Prix – the sun is shining, the track is dry and it looks like we’re going to have a great race on our hands.

2018 United States Grand Prix


Drivers are now making their way round the circuit for the formation lap – getting their cars ready for the United States Grand Prix.

Lap 1

Raikkonen has a good start and despite a battle with Lewis Hamilton, he manages to get past in P1.

Contact between the Williams and Force India!

CONTACT between Vettel and Ricciardo with Vettel spinning – again!

Lap 2

Vettel down in P14 following his coming together with Red Bull – he has a lot of work to do for his chance in the championship. He needs to get back up into fourth since Lewis Hamilton is in P2.

Lap 3

Kimi Raikkonen now sets the fastest lap time.

DRS Enabled

Alonso: “You cannot race with these guys – they just crash into you….” following the contact with Williams.

Lap 4

Vettel making his way through the grid – he’s up to P10.

Raikkonen: “Is my right tyre OK – I have massive oversteer…?”

Lap 6

Lance Stroll gets a drive-through penalty.

Fernando Alonso is out of the race.

Ferrari are re-assuring Raikkonen about his tyres.

Lap 9

DANIEL RICCIARDO has stopped at the side of the track – there was no further action taken between an incident between Ricciardo and Vettel.

He’s not happy!

RICCIARDO IS OUT of the United States Grand Prix

Lap 11


Team to Hamilton: “Box opposite to Raikkonen”

Lewis Hamilton now coming into the pits

Lap 12

Hamilton comes out in front of Verstappen, behind Bottas – he could do the race distance if he looks after the tyres.

Ferrari have stayed out with Vettel in P6 behind Hulkenberg.


Team to Raikkonen: “Kimi, it looks like Mercedes are on 2-stops”

Lap 14

Hamilton now makes it past his team-mate and he’s back up to P2. Other drivers have not yet come into the pits so if Hamilton can manage his tyres – he’ll be able to go to the end of the race.

Lap 16

Fernando Alonso: “He’s just too ambitious – it’s a move in strange places and we ended up in the wrong place in the wrong moment. With a hit – our car is destroyed. The level of hits is lower but I’ve raced in different series and in wet so they’re not as aggressive but they don’t crash into each other like you see here.”

Lap 19

Lewis Hamilton has now started to close the gap to Raikkonen – he’s right behind Raikkonen and has found so much speed since his pit-stop. Raikkonen on the other hand hasn’t come into the pits yet and is dragging this out as much as he can to benefit Vettel.

Lap 20

Team to Raikkonen: “He’s on DRS and we’re racing him (Hamilton”

Raikkonen: “Yeah but – let’s not do anything stupid…”

Lap 21

Carlos Sainz has received a 5-second penalty for gaining time on the first lap.

Lewis Hamilton is right behind Kimi Raikkonen – it’s very close between the two drivers! They’re racing and battling each other  – it’s not easy for Hamilton but Raikkonen comes into the pits.

The whole thing held up Hamilton allowing Bottas and Verstappen to close the gap.

Lap 29

Leading the race, it’s Lewis Hamilton in the lead with Kimi Raikkonen, Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas who make up the top 4 with Sebastian Vettel in P5.

Lap 31

Vettel: “Any information on the front runners?”

Team to Vettel: “We’ll let you know…”


Lap 33

Charles Leclerc has retired from the 2018 United States Grand Prix following an incident at the start with Grosjean.

Lap 36

Sebastian Vettel now finding the pace – he’s putting the pressure on Mercedes by setting the fastest lap times.

Lewis Hamilton telling the team about graining which could be an issue – if he does pit, he’ll come out behind Bottas and possibly in front of Vettel.

Lap 37

Lewis Hamilton comes into the pits – he’s coming out behind Bottas and in front of Vettel, this will be an exciting part of the race.

Lap 38

Kimi Raikkonen in the lead for the United States Grand Prix!

Lap 39

The gap between Raikkonen and Verstappen has closed down – Verstappen putting the pressure on Ferrari. There’s traffic ahead for Raikkonen but we’ll see what Verstappen can do.

Lap 43

Team to Vettel: “We can see some blisters on Bottas’ tyres – we believe he’s on a two-stop.”

Vettel: “OK – copy!”

Vettel is now closing the gap to Bottas and putting the pressure on Mercedes.

Lap 49

Verstappen is right behind Raikkonen, Hamilton is right behind Verstappen – it’s close between the top 3 drivers and we’re going to have a good latter part of the race!

Lap 54

Kimi Raikkonen is still in the lead – Hamilton putting the pressure on Verstappen but not able to find a way past however some traffic is on the way.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battling with Lewis Hamilton gaining however goes wide and loses a lot of time – that was mistake from Verstappen but Hamilton didn’t manage to make it past.

Lap 55

Sebastian Vettel now makes his way past Bottas and in order for Hamilton to win the championship – he has to win the race which seems unlikely as he’s still behind Verstappen.

Raikkonen still in the lead – he’s been leading and it’s been 113 races since his last win in Australia!

Lap 56


It’s Kimi Raikkonen, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton who make up the top 3 drivers.

Brief Interviews

Kimi Raikkonen: “I’m happy – it’s been a great weekend and it’s been good this weekend, it’s been a good start and I pushed a few times. The tyres were not great but I think it was the same for Max and Lewis – we kept things consistent and tried to keep things OK for the race.”

“I’m happy I didn’t finish second. I think it was that we came it at the right time and we had a balancing act which we did well and we won it so I think this is what we all want.”

Max Verstappen: “It was a good start and we tried to follow the leaders with good pace. From there we could do our own race and we tried to put the pressure on but in the last few laps, I lost the pace and I pushed a bit too hard – even ripping my shoe!”

“I locked up in Turn 12 and there was a way for him to get past but I tried to cling on and happy to stay in second.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Firstly a big congratulations to Kimi – he had a great race and made no mistakes. A great race for Max too who was on better tyres and this is the best that we could have done. We just have to keep racing, keep pushing and doing what we can for the next race.”

“Ultimately, I came out and had the pit window but it was way, way too far to catch up – I’m not sure how the strategy worked out like that as you have a window. Anyways, I’m really happy – Ferrari have picked up this weekend.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I should have been in a better position so not a great day – I’m happy for Kimi, he deserved it but I’ not happy for myself.”