Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Race Weekend: 2018 Brazil Grand Prix

Before the track parade, drivers are spending time with children and signing autographs and generally taking it easy before the track parade.

Drivers have now started to make their way out onto the track for the driver parade, chatting to media and below, you can see what some drivers have to say about the race ahead.


Lewis Hamilton: “The fans here are incredible, the energy here is amazing. I haven’t left the track at all this time but I love going to Sao Paulo, the energy is ‘homey’ to me so I like it here. Qualifying went really well yesterday but today will be tough – it’ll be hard against the Ferrari’s as they generally have the best tyres for the start today.”

“I want to win – the Brazilian Grand Prix, it’s so hard to win and I haven’t had as much success as I wanted to here so the target is to win the championship for the team today.”

Sebastian Vettel: “We try to score more points than Mercedes and we are trying to keep it all alive. It all depends on the race and how the tyres are as we are on different tyres. We need to see how the race unfolds and hopefully it will be good.”

“It’s good here, it’s contagious, I think people have fun and this is a highlight of the season, we have a lot of support here – there’s a huge banner and I saw a couple of girls wearing my name on their shirts so it’s nice to see…..”

“There is a lot of support here and it’s great to have the opportunity to sit in the red car for races like this.”

Fernando Alonso: “I’m not missing Formula 1 yet – there’s only two races left but everything is the same and you have so much to focus on over the weekend so you can’t think about anything else. It has always been a happy place here for me with the two championships but the fans are here and always happy.”

“We love racing here and the fans are so passionate about the sport and everything in general. I like the circuit, I like the weather – there’s never a boring race here in Brazil and once you close the visor with the green light going off – you have so much adrenaline!”

“Today, I’m on the flight to China after the race….”


The pit lane has now opened and drivers are making their way out onto the track for the race.

Drivers are now preparing for the start of the race, they’re out on the grid and getting ready, chatting to their engineers for the race start.


The grid is packed, the sun is shining and the atmosphere is great – as always before a race.

This is one of the funniest videos you’ll see today!



NATIONAL ANTHEM – 2018 Brazil Grand Prix

Drivers are now talking to their engineers in last-minute preparations.

Team talking to Hamilton before the race – he’s in his car and drivers are now ready for the formation lap to take place. The sun is shining, it’s hot and it’s going to be a tough race with the tyre strategies.

This is also Kimi Raikkonen’s 150th start for Ferrari – his last couple of races with the team before moving to Sauber for next season.


Drivers making their way round the track and getting their cars ready for the race start.

Some drivers being warned about potential rain later on in the race so things could change throughout….

Lap 1

The Mercedes drivers have a great start – Hamilton takes the lead along with Bottas in P2 who also puts a little bit of pressure on Hamilton but not enough to make his way past.

Not the best of starts for Ferrari with Vettel in P3 and Raikkonen in P4.

Verstappen battling for places – he’s also looking strong.

Overall, a calm start for what’s normally a hectic race start!

Lap 2

The two Renault’s are now battling – they come close, almost touching!

Lap 3


Verstappen now makes his way past Sebastian Vettel and is up in P3 – he’s looking strong this weekend and has been looking in good-form the past few weekends.

Raikkonen now makes his way past Vettel too – has something happened to Vettel’s car?

Lap 4

Vettel drops to P5 now…..

Fastest lap to Daniel Ricciardo – he’s gained places from P11 and is up in P7

Lap 5

Sebastian Vettel not looking as strong right now, he’s lost places and Ricciardo could close the gap quite quickly in the next few laps so will keep an eye on this….

Lap 7

Lewis Hamilton widening the gap to everyone – controlling the race and his time, managing his tyres.

In the meantime, Verstappen has now closed the gap to Bottas – he’s right behind the Mercedes driver and could make his way past in the next few rounds….

Lap 8

Verstappen right behind Bottas – almost making his way past down the first corner.

Lewis Hamilton asking the team what tyres is Verstappen on….

Lap 10

Max Verstappen now makes his way past Bottas – he’s looking very, very strong in this race!

Ricciardo on the other hand has now closed the gap to Vettel – he’s behind in P6 but looking strong too.

Lap 12

Kimi Raikkonen has now closed the gap to Bottas.

Team to Ricciardo: “Bottas is struggling a little bit – Max has just passed him, Mercedes are not looking as strong in this race…”

Lewis Hamilton is in the lead however Max Verstappen is looking very strong in this race….. things could change throughout…..

Lap 16

Fernando Alonso comes into the pits for a tyre change – there’s a little bit of a delay with his pit-stop…. not a happy driver!

In the meantime, Lewis Hamilton is still out in the lead with a very strong Max Verstappen in P2.

Lap 17

Sebastian Vettel is still back in P5 – the Ferrari team suddenly came out in the pits, probably to bring in the Mercedes team who don’t react, leaving both their drivers out on track.

Lap 20

Lewis Hamilton now comes into the pits for a tyre change, Max Verstappen is now in the lead with Raikkonen in P2, Vettel in P3, Ricciardo in P4 and Leclerc in P5.

None of the other drivers ahead of Hamilton have come into the pits so this could be the right move for Mercedes.

Lap 22

Ericsson spins out on track – he comes into the pits.

Lap 28

Kimi Raikkonen now comes into the pits – Max Verstappen still in the lead, it’s looking like a good race for the Red Bull Racing driver.

Hamilton working his way through the track since his pit-stop and is in P5 – Bottas down in P8.

Ricciardo now sets a fastest lap time – he’s looking strong too in P3.

Lap 30

Max Verstappen: “Guys, my tyres are getting better and better!”

Team to Verstappen: “Good news…”

Hamilton on the radio, talking to the team and asking for more information about the drivers ahead, their times and tyres….

Lap 34


An unfortunate race for the driver this weekend…..

In the meantime, here’s how the top drivers look – Verstappen, Ricciardo, Hamilton, Leclerc, Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen.

Lap 36

Vettel moves aside, letting his team-mate past as the focus is now on the constructors championship.

Verstappen pits – he comes out in P3 with Ricciardo now in the lead.

Fastest lap time being set by Kimi Raikkonen who’s putting the pressure on drivers ahead since being let through by Sebastian Vettel – go-ahead given by the team.

Lap 37

At the moment, it’s Ricciardo, Hamilton, Verstappen and Bottas who make up the top 4 – Red Bull’s are the stronger team at the moment.

Lap 39

Max Verstappen now makes his way past Lewis Hamilton – he’s back in the lead due to Ricciardo coming into the pits….. where did this pace come from!?

A wonderful drive from the Red Bull Racing driver…. he’s controlling the race and everything is going well for him right now.

Lap 44

Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon come together – Hamilton is now in the lead!

Both Red Bull Racing drivers are involved in battles at the moment – Ricciardo with Vettel and Verstappen with Ocon….

Lap 46

Ricciardo now makes his way past Sebastian Vettel and is up in P5 – battles for the Red Bull Racing drivers!

Lap 51

Team to Vettel: “Can you go quicker? Can you go quicker?”

Vettel: “I’m trying – I’m going as fast as I can…”

Kimi Raikkonen in P3 – a good drive from him too!

Lap 52

It’s Lewis Hamilton in the lead followed by Max Verstappen, Kimi Raikkonen, Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel who make up the top 6.

Leclerc also doing well – he’s in P7.

Lap 54

Sebastian Vettel comes into the pits for another tyre change – he’s in P7. Clouds have started to appear over the circuit and we have to get to 71 laps so there’s still a long way to go.

Hamilton: “How are others for their tyres?”

Team to Hamilton: “Vettel has just stopped for tyres….”

Lap 68

The two Red Bull’s are still looking strong but Hamilton is leading the race – It’s Hamilton, Verstappen, Raikkonen, Ricciardo and Bottas who make up the top 5 drivers.

Hamilton talking over team radio about his tyres.

Lap 69

Verstappen is closing the gap to Hamilton – it’s going to be close between the front two drivers. Verstappen is determined and Hamilton also wants to do the best for the team in terms of the Constructors.

Lap 70

Hamilton leading the way – Verstappen right behind, he’s putting the pressure on Hamilton and it’s been a very strong race for him.

Ricciardo is now putting the pressure on Raikkonen too.


Mercedes have won the contructors’ championship for 2018.

Max Verstappen: “I don’t know what to say, you do everything well and then you have such an idiot doing what he did, when being lapped. We had a good car, it was better than expected and the team gave me the right strategy but we should have won today.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “It was good, not easy but there was some battling which was fun but not the easiest race. I don’t know what to say – my tyre was good and you can’t comment about other tyres.”

Lewis Hamilton: “These guys have worked so hard – it’s been incredible and this is what everyone works for throughout the year. You wake up, you go to work and I’ve always told you how much of an honour it is to drive for them….. we were the sitting duck at one stage and I’m just so proud of everyone – all our partners, our sponsors, we wouldn’t be here without them so thank you!”

Lots more coming this evening – with photos and driver reaction! 🙂

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