Lewis Hamilton Sets Fastest Ever F1 Lap – Monza


Lewis Hamilton Fastest Ever F1 Lap – Monza

The man to beat, Lewis Hamilton is constantly pushing the boundaries and today, he broke another record – setting the fastest lap in Formula 1 history for the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, during qualifying,

To put things into perspective, the average lap speed was approx 164.267mph, around Monza allowing him to secure pole.

During the final effort, the driver set a time of 1:18.887s, beating Kimi Raikkonen’s previous track record and fastest F1 lap.

Lewis Hamilton Lap Record

Lewis Hamilton: “It was not too bad! I’m generally really happy with the actual laps I did. Valtteri was very, very close, pushing. I made some big changes going in to qualifying, so I was a little bit nervous going in that it was the right thing to do but it worked just fine.”

“The speeds we’re going through the Lesmos is pretty awesome, You’re moving around when you get to the low speed sections, so Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, it’s definitely a little bit tricky there.

“The rest of it, you’re just trying to gauge how much you try and attack, keep the minimum speed up and make sure you get the exits, because you’ve got these long straights, so it’s trying to find the balance which is not so easy.”

“It’s a real hats off to all the guys at the factory, – with Red Bull really pushing to have the rule change for the engine and the FIA trying to slow us down, they handled it really, really well, kept their heads down and just kept working hard, and this is really a result of the incredible work those guys do, and I’m just really proud to be a part of that incredible chain.”

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