Lewis Hamilton 7 Time World Champion


Lewis Hamilton 7 Time World Champion

“I’m lost for words, I always have to say thank you to all the guys that are here and back at the factory. I wouldn’t be able to do this if I hadn’t joined the team, I’m just so proud of them and Team LH for sticking with me. I was watching the Grand Prix when I was young and dreaming for this, for the youngsters, believe that anything is possible and never doubt yourself.”

“Today we knew that coming here was going to be difficult, we knew we were on the back foot and we learned a lot, this is what we do as a team, we really have improve our communication and we don’t get everything perfect. “

“I couldn’t get past Seb (Vettel) for a while and I could see Alex (Albon) getting away and I put my head down and kept believing in myself….”

“I couldn’t figure out at the beginning if it was my tyres that were too cold, suddenly the grip started to come back and my driving started improving. Seb then pitted and I knew that personally, it wasn’t the right choice so I continued – if I went on slicks, I knew I couldn’t make it round so that was the best decision for me….”

“I felt like I had control and I was going to deal with the rain if it dropped but I feel good.”

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