“I can only be sorry” – Charles Leclerc Styrian Grand Prix


Charles Leclerc Speaks About The Incident With Sebastian Vettel at the 2020 Styrian Grand Prix.

For Scuderia Ferrari, things seem to be going from bad to worse and as we saw, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc came together on the opening lap of the Styrian Grand Prix – with Leclerc accepting the blame.

The drivers came together on the opening lap, down at Turn 3, with Leclerc colliding into Vettel which resulted in damage for both the cars.

Sebastian Vettel came away with a damaged rear wing meaning he had to retire from the race.

Charles Leclerc also suffered damage to his front wing and damage to the floor meaning he retired from the race too – a terrible result for the team. 

No matter which way you look at it, Leclerc risked (and lost) everything with a move that wouldn’t have worked anyway – especially on the opening lap.

Drivers were bunched together on the corner so as many people have questioned – did Leclerc really think the move would work?

Charles Leclerc: “I apologised (to Vettel), obviously excuses are not enough in times like this. I am just disappointed in myself. I’ve done a very bad job today. I let the team down. I can only be sorry, even though I know it’s not enough. I hope I will learn from this and we will come back stronger for the next races.”

Leclerc also tweeted the following…

Overall, this was a terrible race for Ferrari and it seems like any passion and motivation for results is leaving the team….

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