Haas Formula 1 Livery Unveil 2019


HAAS Formula 1 Livery Unveil 2019

As the start of the 2019 Formula 1 season is getting closer, teams are announcing their launch dates and earlier today – the Haas Formula 1 team unveiled that they would be revealing their livery on Thursday 7th February.

In late 2018, the team announced a new title sponsor being Rich Energy – an energy drink and it’s expected that Haas will take on the colours for their 2019 Formula 1 car.

If you take a look at the screenshot from the team’s twitter below, you can see the picture incorporates the black and gold theme. If the car takes on a similar colour, it’ll be very reminiscent of Lotus’ F1 cars – a hit with F1 fans around the world.

Despite the team announcing the livery launch, there hasn’t been an actual date for the launch of the 2019 car – could it be on Thursday February 7th? It could…. we’ll have to wait and see….

#NewWeekNewEra – the Haas team shared the above on their twitter page earlier today announcing they will be revealing the livery for their 2019 Formula 1 car.


If the same colours are to be used by Haas, it could be very similar to Lotus’ Formula 1 cars.

Are you excited to see the cars? I am!

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