Formula 1: RedBull Racing Halo Concept

Formula 1: RedBull Racing Halo Concept 

A few days ago, before the Australian Grand Prix, RedBull released a photo showing it’s ‘concept’ on the new halo design for the 2017 Formula 1 season. 

With Fernando Alonso’s crash showing us that Formula 1 is still a dangerous sport, the FIA are continuously looking for different ways to make cars more secure in order to protect their drivers. 

Looking at this new concept from RedBull – it’s basically a windscreen! I know, it’s just a concept but I’m not sure if this will actually do anything. 

Everyone is happy and supportive of making the sport (and cars) safer for the drivers however a lot of people are questioning if this is the right move….

Will it be easy for the drivers to escape from their car in an emergency – if needed? 

Will this actually protect the driver? 

Will this take away the ‘danger’ and ‘excitement’ of the sport? 

Is the halo concept a step too far?

Would have Alonso managed to escape as quickly as he did if the ‘halo design’ had been added to his McLaren from the 2016 season? 

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